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    Hello, i have a few questions for ya all
    First off:
    1. How much does Weed influence your life?How?
    2.What do you consider yourself to be(stoner,weedhead,ect.)?
    3.Do you believe weed could save the world?
    4.Favorite way to get high?
    For me:
    1. Weed has become everything in my life(not in a junkie kinda
    Everything in my life is thanks to Mary. My clothes are hemp, I survive off of hemp(hemp cereal, Hemp bread, Hemp milk, Hemp protein, hemp waffles, hemp butter,ect...)Weed is my medicine, my intoxicant, im a glassblower, and a caregiver.
    2. Straight stoner
    3.I believe weed can save the world. We could reduce crime around the world, especially at the border, cut money from cartels, Legalize hemp and bring back industry to the usa. We could use hemp for clothes, ropes, foods, medicine, fuel, etc. Plus we would re-energize local communities and stores....hopefully put evil corporations like McDonalds and walmart back to the stoned age. IF we could manufacture everything from hemp plastics and oils and whatever else we could. Bring the middle and lower classes outta the gutter. Cut back on pharama abuse. Weed could save the world...STop drilling for oil and burning coal by utilizing the energy of weed. Grow marijuana so big that we have fields of it so that we could build our houses out of it and save the trees and the forest of the world. It is endless what we could do with gods plant.
    4.I vaporize about 90% of the time, with 8% going to smoking outta a bong of bubbler, 2% edibles.

    Im wanna hear some extended thoughts over question 3.

    Thanks guys. Mary bless you

    p.s Forgot to add KottonMouth kings kick ass!

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