Live in vegas phish dvd..

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by phisher_man, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. I picked up the Live in Vegas Phish DVD tonight and it is fucking awesome. $20 at best buy.. one of my best purchases ever. The shit is so cool, trippy as fuck.. the lighting at their shows is out of this world.. I would, even more so after tonight, do anything to go to a concert. Also, I picked out a bunch of tight DVD's I want to pick up with xmas money.. such as the Other Dave Matthews DVD (not listener supported.. got that), a led zephlin dvd, they had a totally cool pink floyd dvd (not the wall) and the doors too. Also, they had Requieum for a dream dvd for $10, doesnt get much better. Also, I want Fear and loathing, Blow (only like $13), etc. Sorry, I'm ramblin cuz well uh, I'mstoned! :smoke: :smoke:
  2. Awesome! I just picked up Pink Floyd: Live in Pompeii, it's seriously cool as hell! They're out in the middle of nowhere, and they play some incredible shit. There's some interviews with the band, while they're puffin' on joints, and they blow some seriously massive smoke rings.

    I also picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Requiem For a Dream, Spinal Tap, and Zoolander. If you're into Pink Floyd, I highly reccomend you check out King Crimson, or get their DVD; Eyes Wide Open. It will blow your fucking mind.
  3. the doors are the greatest to listen to when your stoned. people are strange is fuckin nuts. and fear and loathing is the funniest move ever. lol i love the part where hes like "someone get me some god damn golf shoes or were never gonna get out of here"
  4. tell me you got the god damn golf shoes!

    oh no! look at that group over there, they've spotted us!
  5. Dave Matthews Band live at Central Park = Reveloutionary.
  6. Live in Vegas is a great show, but there are so many others they should have picked to release (considering they DID videotape big cypress). The song selection is very odd, but it is great to be able to see out of the norm songs such as Camel Walk, The Curtain (With), Walfredo, Esther, ADITL, and Emotional Rescue. All in all it is great to see phish play so up close, and is worth having.

    Sidenote: The Curtain (With) is a trippy ass song when you're blazed. I love it.
  7. whats phish sound like? Ive never heard them...

    What kinda music is thay
  8. me and my brother always buy dvds for our surround sound system we have in our basement. we've got a couple grateful dead shows, listener supported, 2 string cheese incident dvds, fear and loathing, waking life, the september sessions (jack johnson surfing), and tons of ski movies.

    i buy used vhs tapes for my room off i have half baked, jay and silent bob, airheads, and tommy boy.

    movies are awesome!
  9. fuck yeah i just picked up phish lilv the other day at circut city i didnt like walfadeo that much but i love simple and saw it again and its also very cool when he whips out that vaccume cleaner lol !! hahahah o man haha i also bought pink floyd the making of the dark side of the moon and the whole thing is so tight plz someone post some more pink floyd stuff i love them so much ! hahahah i also picked up OK COMPUTER which is mind blowing (by radio head)
  10. Oh man, the SCI dvd's are so crazy. I have only seen Live at the Fillmore but they kick serious ass. If any of you ever get the chance, go out and see them live.
  11. there is no band that can top Phish....especially when you are high

  12. simply put, anything and everything. they literaly do everything from hilarious covers of awfull rap songs like gettin jiggy with it to beutiful instrumentels to reggea, blues, power rock. you really need to listen to them.

    on topic you should really pick up the bittersweet motel dvd if you havent already, phish_man. i love the live in vegas dvd, although the set list is kind of lacking. but the bitersweet motel documentary (its not really a concert dvd), is amazing.
  13. Dave Matthews Central Park DVD is simply splendid, lights are crazy and dave is splendtastic in it.beautifully made.

    Peace, Andrew

  14. A few weeks later, I Bought that dvd and have watched it LITTERATLY every day since. I bring it with me when I leave my house and go to friends because it is so fucking awesome. And in reply to Acoustic Hippie, I want bittersweet motel REALLY bad..... good thing I get paid in 2 days. Nothin like pickin up a sack of weed and a cool dvd to watch! :cool: :smoke:

  15. bittersweet motel is like my FAVORITE english teacher used to follow the band around in a van, he let us watch it, and i bought it and watched it with my g/f...i got her into phish :) good times
  16. Man, Bittersweet Motel is the shit. I got to see it when it went around in small college theaters, it was so chill. I literally watched it every day last summer, just because it is that cool. Too bad my brother took it to college with him and im too lazy to buy a new one....

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