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Live in LA how to get med card??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by low420, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Hey I live in LA, Venice CA and I would like to know how to get a medical card in my are please help?:eek:
  2. check out on the left side of the page they have a link that says phyicians or something like that. Click that link and find a doctor in you area. Call them and they can provide you with all the answers you need. Hope that helps.
  3. y'know.. i was interested in that... i found a doctor in venice who could get me in for 200... i decided against it.. the prices at the dispensorys are rediculous... but they have a good variety.. ill give em that...
  4. out of curiosity, how much are the prices at the dispensories?
  5. about 65-80 an, so im told....

  6. crap, that's not very good in comparison to street prices. even though I'm sure the bud is of much better quality, I thought that medical marijuana dispensaries had far better prices than street quality chronic.

    Guess that's only in Canada . . . but I'm unsure even about that. Canada's got some great prices on ganja from what I've heard.

    Well, that sucks, but even so, medical cannabis is legendary for its potency, or so I've heard. At that point I'd feel bad burning the weed and not vaporizing it for efficiency's sake, lol. But that's just cuz I'd want to get every thc molecule off of those nugs, heh :D
  7. yeah the prices seem to be up there, but on the street you cant pick from up to a 100 strains.

    plus i think you can grow up to 12 plants of your own legally
  8. I imagine the prices are high because they don't want you slinging it.
  9. if you live in the bayarea or northern california the prices are the same as street prices, sometimes a little cheaper and sometimes a little more. Not sure why dispenserys down in socal charge so much, the only logical thing i can think of is greed. I know how much it costs to grow a lot of weed or to buy weed in bulk and a dispensary would have no problem making money selling at street price, selling above street price means they are making HUGE profits. Wheres all that extra profit go too?

    Maybe this is why a bunch of clubs just got raided in san diego by the dea earlier this week. You make huge amounts of profit the dea is gonna come knocking for sure.

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