live in Ga outdoor season should i start now?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. should i start putting the seeds in teh ground getting them germinated we have a cold spell and the weather man thinks its the black berry winter so should i start my plants up already got several going?
  2. wait until after this weekend when this cold snap blows over.
  3. What up Lacrossestar. It is cold...and rainy. Justa shout out...I live in Ga too. What part do you live in? I live more north...
  4. Shit whatr up yall, Im from atlanta where do u live in GA, i have a sweet growshed i have built...this is cool hit me back
  5. sup i live in roswell just outside of Atlanta u know where that is HIGHskool and/or Adonei458
  6. Yeah man i live in is closer in to te u go to school?
  7. ya i do HIGHskool lol i go to Roswell High school how about u or is that just ur name?
  8. yeah for real, i go to private school...anyway... do u grow?
  9. sniff sniff, I think the roast is ready.... dont bite it man....
  10. Hell yea. I lived in Roswell too, now I'm at UGA. I went to Centennial High School. My brother did too (he's a year ahead of me) and he played lacrosse all 4 years...
  11. really tight uhhhhh im on the growing forum arent i ya i grow or used to grow.........;0p
  12. Man what do we have here three GA kids...hmmm....well if i never need bud i wish i knew who u were....but hit me up in 2 months and maybe we can work sumthin out...Its a nice ass day today...peace
  13. ya it is its a great sunny day out going out side to play with the pooches and skate
  14. Do any of you guys use AOL instant messanger? I'm not sure if I should post my screen name (I don't care, but I don't know if someone else might...). Being from GA, I want to talk a little more indepth about growing techniques. Cool, peace...let me know about the IM thing and I'll hit ya'll up-
  15. .... I think this weather is perfect since ive been in Sahhhvana... Even through the winter months here I beleive you could grow your plants outside almost... But I would just start them in Dec./ Jan. then move your little ones outside when it hits 65 -- 70 the first time... It warms up so fast here and the humidity is beautiful for most types of plants... I actually was walking down the street yesterday and saw a little stubby 3-4 inch plant probably a month and a half old or so... ( Noticed it three weeks ago... People are so blind I can't beleive it's still there... ) It was already into about 5 breaks so I assume it's been cut and stepped on a few times. Just randomly thrown down seed by someone smokin on the sidewalk and look a behold they grow... So from that alone I would thinks it's been plenty nice out to start here. I used to live up north / CaNadA and could grow through these temps anytime ( with a little close watching of course )...


    My plants are already starting to flower... ( I forced flowering at 2- 2 1/2 feet... Each of 7 plants are just now showing sexes and have each 6-8 stalks breaking from their nodes................. been outside for over a month... ( outside...forced flowering... = tarp and duck camo of course in the middle of nowhere... )

    Dont be coming here just to find that little one on the street though because I told you about it... I t wouldnt be fair to me... I want to know how long it will stay there before 1 of the 10000 peopel a day that passs it notice it..... Stood out to me... lol...... later everyone... GA's a beautiful state!.... it just doesn't snow or have mountains.... or anything to really do...
  16. ya i got AIM so how do u want me to give u my sn? ur not a cop are u??????????????

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