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    Anyone else love watching live electronic music shows super high??? First time ingot high alone I watched deadmau5s meowing tons hax tour, and I felt completely gone from everything and completely in the music! If love to say I like going to live shows high, but I'm one of those that its hard to be in public high... Which sucks...

    But deadmau5 has his ultra set on YouTube so I got something to look forward to after work!! And I just picked up some fresh stuff so hells yeah to that!!

    Anyone else do this?? Always looking for more videos of anyone like that online. Now that ultra is going on there should be alot coming up!! Excited!!

    (And I know other people do this, just starting up conversation)
  2. Yes mate.

    Car park by day, underground party by night.

    [ame=]Shogun Audio Warehouse Party 20.10.2012, Great Suffolk Street Car Park / London - YouTube[/ame]

    Deadmau5 is gosh darn awful though.. Really don't envy you American's if he's the pinnacle of your events.
  3. Lol not the kind of conversation I was talking about. Ill chek out the video when I get home. Phones being stupid right now
  4. i'd rather see this stuff live than a live recording. i watched deadmau5 before, he's pretty good. i definitely respect him as a techno artist, very talented.

    i go to a rave once every month and splurge, live light shows are unreal.
  5. Well hell yeah live is way better! Haha I've seen him too a couple years ago and was awesome!! But I prefer other stuff when I go to those.... Shhhh lol

    But I wish I knew about raves around here. Iknow we got em just don't know how to find em. But we got a badass night club that plays the best edm, no deadmau5 or anything for the haters lol, and they have an afterhours from 2:30 to 5am every Friday and Saturday! Haven't been lately cuz of money... But during sxsw it was amazing!!
  6. I'm not usually big into electronic music, but last year at sasquatch I had just got high and found my way to the pretty lights show right when hot like sauce started. His show mixed with the crazy amount of glow sticks in the crowd was pretty amazing.
  7. Nothing compares to a live show. That's probably why I've already spent 900 on tickets just for this summer, not including ones that havnt gone on sale yet haha.
  8. Hes not, he's the pinnacle of the underaged higschool generation that has heard one edm song and instantly becomes an, "OMG I love Dead Mou Five!" giddy school girl.

    I'm not saying your that type of person OP, I do enjoy deadmouse, but definitely not my favorite. I'm just saying thats what a lot of our youth is like today.
  9. Yeah I see what your saying, and it kid of does suck he has that kind of reputation or whatever. He's an amazing artist with skills beyond what I'll ever have haha I don't know if I'd say he was my favorite either, but he would be up there for me.

    I lied about his set being in YouTube though :( it was just audio so I ended up watching armin van buuren or whatever, and wow... I listen to his state of trance on the radio all the time but watching that live show was amazing. I think why I love watching videos of the live shows is because I get to see the emotions of the artist, and the crowd. Doing something like that is a dream if mine! Being able to play my music and making soooo many people happy and having the time of their life! To me it's just an awesome feeling being able to watch that versus being in the middle of it and the artist being so far away... But like I said, still doesn't compare to the excitement and energy of the real thing!
  10. You'd be surprised how easy making music ITB is, it's not rocket science.
  11. Jesus, Admin Van Burren live is fucking nuts! Got him to sign my rave gloves after his set at freaknight. He's such a nice guy!
  12. seeing dj blend in a few days, can't wait to talk with him haha.

  13. Cool so lets hear your releases.

    Im waiting.
  14. making music IS easy, putting out stuff is harder, getting people to listen...
  15. Seeing flux pavillion tonight, bout to be sick
  16. Making music is easy. Making GOOD music... Maybe it comes easy to some people but there's a ton of crap out there... U can't just make a catchy rhythm and but a beat to it and call it a day. Lots of mastering n stuff that I don't even know crap about yet. And deadmau5 knows his shit. Weather he makes top 10, #1 chart toppers or not, he has insane quality songs with technology up the ass. And yeah it's not all about technology an hardware, but I'd wanna see somebody go in his studio and even pretend to know what their doing haha

    Now I know it sounds like I'm putting him on a pedestal, I'm not... Just using this example since I mentioned him in the first post. There's tons and artist who know what they're doing. I'm working on knowing what I'm doing lol

    And since we're on the subject of "making music is easy", compose an orchestral piece. That's music right? Should be easy enough...

    And the gooner, ill definately check that out tonight!

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