Live action shots!!! {Preston Hanna - Stoneglassworks}

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    EDIT: vid on page2
    what's better than getting to see it done?

    props again to preston, he's one cool dude.






    these eyeball-monster slides are super dope.
  2. Holy shit. Must have.
  3. money shots. hell yea. that creature slide is so sick.
  4. Sick shots. Liking that slide there Preston, hope to see you become a sculpting master!
  5. wow thats a really nice slide. i like the colors
  6. wow
    i'm becoming more and more impressed with sgw

    how long was the process to make a bowl like that?
  7. sick work preston!!
  8. Awesome sculpting work preston,cant wait to see where this goes
  9. Very cool!! This is the fisrt time I've seen any pictures of bowl-blowing action.

  10. Wow, great job preston, slide looks sick!
  11. Glad you guys like the shots, be on the lookout for a couple highlight clips...;)
  12. very nice! preston is one chill dude and does AMAZING work
  13. sweet thread HPI. must be sick back out in socal!

    hit me up dude, we should have a cybersmoke sesh ahaha
  14. HPI, you lucky dog. that must been one hell of a experience to watch that in person. Preston's work is getting better and better, that piece is amazing for him only using that saltish tech. for not to long if i remeber correctly, hes killin now. having him and trikky on here is such a joy, art in the making is absolutely awesome.:smoke:
  15. Those are some nice pics man! sick bowl

  16. There are many steps to the process, couldn't give an exact number (it's waay longer than the 2 minutes of video I posted), but after watching what goes into making a quality slide I can tell you whatever you're paying is worth it ;)

    yessir that he does.

    yea dude thanks it's nice to be back. how's that new sg treatin ya?

    hehe yea it's always a blast to watch these guys work.
    and without further ado, highlight reel !!
    [ame=]sgw.flv video by hpidriver - Photobucket[/ame]
  17. dude, bad ass for sure
  18. fuckin sick bowl!
  19. Love the action video.

  20. thanks guys and gal. I'm just here to do what I can.

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