Live a MINIMILIST lifestyle - thank me later

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  1. how many of you got closets filled with junk, clothes that dont fit, and property thats just taking up space?

    about a year ago i came to the relization i had a shopping problem. i usto spend so much money on clothes, shoes, movies ,books,games, home accessories ect..i would buy outfits/things for occassions ahead and then end up buying other stuff when the time came...not to mention the junk that piled up before my shopping habbits surfaces were packed, drawers were full, under my bed messy..

    i became fascinated and got to work with the idea of becoming a minimilist, owning only the things i need wich serve a purpose.. i would rather the MONEY and SPACE to be able to buy these things when i NEEDED, not when i had spare time and was bored...

    i donated, trashed, condensed, organized and cleaned and saved money for a year before i am where i wanted to be.. i rent small living space, so it wasnt as hard as doing a house for a family..

    i own: a dresser,
    less than 90 articles of clothing (jeans,shirts, sweatpants, gym wear, boxers,hats,pairs of socks, shoes, work clothes for 2 jobs!) bookbag,
    a fan, humidifier, xbox (entertainment center for me) tv, cd case with dvds&games (instead of original boxes)
    small bookcase (DONT TRUST E READER)
    bose radio, ipad, ipone,ipod with cases and charger, a large safe
    desk & only used school supplies
    bed 2 pillows, extra set of sheets
    yearbook and school memoribilla..
    kitchen stuff for about a meal of atleast 5
    not to mention some jars, a grinder, and a bong lol
    ^^^feels,looks like i own nothing^^^

    i had so much fun, and felt great saving money and donating. I was able to buy/replace my stuff more high quality stuff such as clothes,school supplies (no more dollar store binders), bedding and home needs that will serve a better function and last longer..

    if i ever wanted to move, it would be SO EASY and almost costless..wich is very attractive to me..

    im no longer shopping all the time, my credit is good and i have money in my savings for the first time..
  2. i live a minimalist life have for  years i thought they just called that being a bachelor

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