little yellow spots on leaves

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  1. Hi i've just started my first grow. Ive got two little shrubs sat in my unused 2nd bathroom,
    1 x blz bud fem
    1x bag seed
    Both are about 4inch tall and 10 to 12inch across,
    Both with 6 branches comming off the main stem,
    There under a 250watt mh light surrounded with reflective bords and a fan pointing up at them,
    They poped up about 14days ago,
    The bag seed seems to be really bushy and dark green but the blz seems to have little yellow spots on it.

    if anyone can help or give advise that would be cool. cheers!
  2. Reef's link will steer you in the right direction, but I remember when I've had problems with my plants and looking at a giant compiled list of many different yellowed spots just made me even more paranoid and confused about how sick my plant was lol so post some pics man, let us see these monsters you've got, then we can get along helping a fellow green thumb out :cool:
  3. Hi, cheers for the responce. Strange it dosent seem to look like any of them unless its in early stages and in that case it could be any of them. I thorght it could have been somthing to do with me having to remove the seed case off the seedling, it was stuck on top for 4 days so i got rid. but now the yellow spots seem to be on nearly every leaf not just the first set, also its not as tho its spreading its as if the leaf has a blemish to start with and it just grows with the leaf, its not killing it or slowing down the growth.
    Im going to my fokes house tonight So i'll try digging out my old camera.

    Bag seeds started to smell a little today all right!!! (seems early?)
  4. Also has any one used bio bizz, bio- grow and bio-bloom? ive got some dont know if its right for my grow/soil??
  5. [​IMG] that failed shit!!!!!!
  6. sorry the pictures are really crap quality!

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  7. This one might be better.

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