little worried about root damage

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  1. i have a medium sized plant in ocean forest soil and i just got tons of pistils 2 days ago i got lots of bud sites, i was lolipopping (ik wrong time but i couldnt help it) and i got lazy high and ripped one of the lower fan leaf branches and it tugged the whole plant, didnt uproot it, but yanked it at the roots good i feel like i may have damaged it, it was a little looser i had to pack the soil down water here a little bit. wondering how easy it is to damage ur plant this way did i just rape her?? deft something i had to do once ill never fuck around again should have been holding it firmly by the base
  2. really 1 reply? wow grasscity sucks now
  3. Plants loose leaves naturally. I take 80% of fan leaves before 12/12 untill I can see thought the canopy.

    They are simply batteries and converters. While expeling waste for sheding off. So a yellowing leaf is actualy feeding the plant as it poops, the poop is inside fan leaves.

    Other than that foliage is the most abundant organ in play. Also the most expendable. Bud sites are different. Only defliate popcorn nugs.
    Why do every begginer over think plants ability to adapt?
  4. i think you missunderstood, im not wondering if plucking leafs hurt it. i wondering i ripped the hole plant by the root. again i didnt uproot it just gave her a good tug. she seems to be ok tho 12 hours later
  5. Yeah he misunderstood for sure lol. I think its just fine. And the first couple weeks is ok to lollipop lower shit if you want. Like through the stretch before blooms really set in.

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