Little white things jumpin everywhere

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DLZ, May 16, 2010.

  1. I just went outside to check on my plants after the rain this morning and i was looking in the pots and all i see are these liitle white bugs jumpin everywhere, all over the sides of the pots and everything. I already knew i had aphids living in the soil but i've never seen this many. They havnt damaged my plants very much and i plan on getting some neem oil soon. But i was just wondering if anyones ever seen this before? Are they all over the place because the rain or what?
  2. yea I live in a very moist place down in the south and after it rains there bad. matter of fact i just got done making a new location for mine cuz there was a nasty ass slug on one of mine so i moved them in a bit more dryer area ontop of some black buckets so when that nice hot sun warms them buckets up dem bitches wont even think about climbing it for the whit bugs ive never seen damage yet but you got to watch them damn caterpillars those leaf eatin bastards!!!!
  3. Hey I live in the 850 (Milton/P'cola area) I know exactly the lil' critters you are talking about..don't know what they are. but they haven't ever done any harm to my plants. come to think of it i usually see them the most after a good rain like we had today...guess all the water gets'em all wound up. few years ago when i first noticed them i had concerns, but the only damage they have ever done is jump up in my nose and face when i crouch down to look at'em...little bugs stuck in your nose sucks. they have never harmed my babies in any way. they should move on in when...out comes the sun and dries up all the rain..the itsy bitsy white bugs will go away again..haha!

    happy growing

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