little white jumping bugs in the soil

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  1. Hey everyone. Today was an extreamly hot day, and the plants where needing to be waterd. seeing that the soil was so dry, i gave it a little more water then i usually do. Anyways, a few minutes after i waterd it, i noticed these tiny little white bugs, almost microscopic, jumping around in the soil, mostly around the edge of the pot. They Don't seem to be eating the leaves or anything, but theres hunderds of them. My guess is that they where in the soil, and when i waterd, it disturbed them. I dont think they fly, they where just jumping around in the soil. They are so tiny that at first i thought it was the water spraying up from the soil. You know if you pour a soda out of the drinking machines in a fast food restraunt, and little drips of soda dance around in the cup for a while, and it makes that fizzy noise? thats what this looks like. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance,
  2. HIGH All, could be Springtails...which I'm thinking or Fungus Gnats Check out the links on the bottom to help a little more

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  3. If it is springtails the nest in the top layer of the soil.

    The quickest way to get rid of them is to scrape away the top inch of soil and dump it. Don't use any chemicals, your plants wont thank you for it.

    Make sure you don't disturm any roots that could be high in the pot. Add new soil to replace the old and water in a little - the new soil wil also feed your Baby.

    Let me know how you get on.
  4. hmmm... mabey il try replacing the top layer of soil... that pic is not the bugs that i have.... think smaller then a pencil point.
  5. HIGH All, ok go here and check out the Figs. on Thrips.
  6. they are springtails they are good bug for the plant they eat fungus and dead plant material you might have root rot they well clean it up for you some they also eat neuts in soil like a worm and poop them out make it easier for the plant to break them down don't kill them they well help your plant feed on the neuts in soil and keep fungus out of the soil !!!!!!!!!!

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