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    So, I found 2 small (1/2"), what appears to be, budworm.   Light green in color, don't have a pic of it, but now I keep finding these small white eggs on the plants. Going through them daily to remove them, I take the entire leaf if I find one and they only seem to show up by themselves.

    I have not found any moths, or other worms since then, just these things around. After much reading I can only think they are budworm eggs, but with the lack of moths or more worms I'm still unsure. Also, all the pictures I can find of budworm eggs, they have small ridges, these do not. They are almost snail shell shaped.
    They have been sprayed with Neem Oil once, about 4 days prior to this post. So, it could be under control with continue use of Neem Oil. Once a week is my current plan. I also have some BT liquid/powder coming and some spinosad.
    The plants are very healthy looking, a bit of purple on the fan leaf stems. I believe this is just due to my misunderstanding of the food soil web when I put the soil together, not really worried about that though, again, they are looking really good.
    While I do think this may be under control, my main concern is that the eggs DO NOT have the ridges that the pictures I'm finding of budworm eggs have. Hopefully I wont be able to provide more pictures, due to not finding anything, but I'm about to go through them all again for another sweep, which is being done daily. If I do find anything of note, I'll get some more pics.
    Edit: Should probably mention this.  The 2 catapillars that were found were on clones, at which point I went through all the clones and clipped anything that I saw off. These had OBVIOUS damage from the worms, like zero doubts. On three of four leaves there were just a bunch of pinprick size holes and around them had started dying and turning necrotic. Nothing has reappeared on these as of yet, they are also in a different room, right next to the flower room and you have to walk through it to get to flower room.
    All of what I'm referring to now is in the flower room. I thought this was worth mentioning do to the flowering plants being stronger. They have only been in flower for about 2 week, so the buds aren't huge, and I have tore apart several of them that had these casings/eggs on leaves near them and still haven't found anything moving, nor have I found any damage to the larger plants. I don't even see Could this be due to them being stronger and the insect possibly being repelled by the stronger plant?
    Another thing I forgot to mention, and I added another pic to show it, is that the "egg" does go from white to amber. Which would add weight to it being a budworm.

  2. Looks almost like a stinkbug to me, zoomed the picture a couple of times but it was too vague.
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    Id spray some bt.

    Safer brand garden dust. Any larvae from beetles to moths will ingest the bacteria and die.

    Dust at night, sun effects bacteria negatively.
  4. I added another picture and changed the formatting. New to this forum posting and I realize I posted that picture kinda weird and it had to be downloaded.
    Excellent info. I had seen something mentioned about light and spraying. I thought it was due to the light during a "night" cycle possibly attracting moths and giving you the issue to begin with. Thank you, I will be doing that tonight.
  5. Typically sprwying during light causes burns to the plant, when liquids are used, which is detrimental to plant health.

    This "dust" is in the form of powder, the consistency of baking poswer/flower.

    I recommend you wear a mask when you spray it.
  6. Update:
    Lil update, still no idea what those were. Found quite a few, around 30-40, didn't bother to really count. Combed the plants daily for a week until I stopped seeing them.
    Did an alternating Spinosad/BT spray before lights out for four days, then took a day off and did one more of each. During this time I did an EPIC deep clean on my entire house and garage, not that I'm a dirty person, my house stays really clean actually, I was just trippin.
    [SIZE=11pt]For the final finger to any bugs, did a Pyrethrin fumigation on the house and a wee bit in the room. Checked this stuff out a ton before I decided to use it. Half-life on it is pretty short. That being said, I didn't just put on in the room and walk away. I started the thing walked through the room with it on (paint mask on) and then placed it in my house and closed up the grow room. I also kept my ventilation on, so probably didn't work as well in the room as they normally would, but I wasn't going to douse the plants like that.[/SIZE]
    Still on red alert, but easing up a bit. Spent more time with my face in a microscope in the past week, then my entire time at school. No idea what that was still, only saw two posts that had something similar looking, both old and with no conclusion. Mystery remains.

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