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little white bugs

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. i checked on my plants today and there were a few of these little white bugs that looked kinda fuzzy leavin white shit on my plants. they dont seem to be eatin em but just chillin there and if i poke em they jump far as hell like little fuzzy fleas or somthin. anything to worry about or just let them do what they do? and as for the ones that do eat the plants why do they favor bud plants over all the other plants and weeds in the woods? damn potheads! grow you own instead of eatin mine!
  2. i have also seen these bugs on my plants every now and then. no damage has been done though. every now and then i spray with a homemade garlic cayenne and soap insecticide
  3. that my friend is a silverleaf whitefly, they normally swarm towards late summer , the very small white powder you seeon your plant is the eggs there laying.
    When the adult whiteflies find a suitable host, such as lantana, hibiscus, grapes, or annual flowers, herbs, or vegetables, they lay eggs on the undersides of the leaves, particularly along the veins. The eggs hatch into "crawlers" that move around on the underside of the leaf until they find a good place to feed. Once they have settled down, they molt and become what look like tiny, transparent scales. The immatures continue to feed by sucking juices from the plant. Eventually the insects emerge as the winged adults, which move on to new plants. The adults may also drink sap from plants.

    The way they damage plants is when they suck the sap from the leaves it leaves open wounds [ the leaf will feel like sandpaper underneath], they also carry many types of plant viruses , once infected with a virus the plant must be pulled to stop further infestation.

    Whiteflies arent very harmful if theres only a few,2 or 3 but, its not the fly itself thats the problem its the eggs. therefore no matter if you see them or not you should always spray plants with a detergent/water solution start with 1 tbls [ tablespoon] per gallon if it doesnt harm the plants , which i know it doesnt , go to a 2 tbls per gallon of water , spray the entire plant underside of leaves also do this once every 3 to 4 days until there gone and then repeat if you see anymore adult flys...thanks...

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  4. ok, thats not the same bug i saw on my plants. on mine there were little white fluffy sort of things
  5. those flys seem bad but thats not even close to what i got on my plants
  6. i know those things ur talking about, my plant has the odd 2 or 3. they leave scaring on the leaves here and there, im trying to figure out how to get rid of em. this guy at my place of work told me to use peroxide diluted in water. But ya my plant still looks heathy, im gonna go take pics and post if you wanna compare the leaf damage.

    miteS i think?
  7. I have these little bugs on my plants that hang out on the stalk mainly, but do get on leave occasionally. They are tiny and their assess kinda horseshoe up with a fluffy cotton ball looking thing?!?!?! Any ideas ?

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