little weed tonight

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gag On Grass, May 22, 2006.

  1. so, i wanted to watch family guy tonight stoned, but all i got is a piece of a bud, and $10 which i'm too lazy to be runnin out to buy a little bag when i'm not even sure if my dealer can me any tonight. But, i have no pieces and do everything ghetto style, and i was gonna try makin a gb but don't have proper material, so should the pipe do the trick, because i don't even know if that'll get me high. Any ideas? Should i eat it? :p
  2. Save that money up and get more and buy a glass or something to smoke out of
  3. my friend said he might give me a piece next week he made if he can find it, think i'll just wait till then, he said he might gimme a bit more in the couple days, so might drop it off then, but in the meantime, any ideas on how to smoke this within the next 1/2 hour?
  4. Just make a tin foil pipe, yea its bad for you but one time cant hurt too much.

    Or if you have a socket just put a screen in it and find a stem for it then make a bong
  5. i don't think i have any sockets, and i've been usin an aluminum for like the past few weeks :p
  6. Oh well, Id still use foil. I dont really think theres anything else you can do. Unless you take the time to make a vap out of a lightbulb
  7. heh, speakin of which i made a vap last week, but when i use it it seems like it never works. Wanna give me a run down to see what i'm doin wrong?
  8. Please respect this is a grow forum, take this kind of discussion elsewhere.
  9. just took a couple vape hits, worked pretty well, got a pretty good buzz goin right now. Anyway, thanks for the posts guys, and sorry posted in wrong forum, was a bit buzzed while i even made this :p

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