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  1. Hi,
    this is my first grow, I have growing at the moment (Bigbud xxl and dinafem og kush), both planted at the same time, about 4 days old from now.
    The Big bud xxl is looking great but the dinafem og kush seems to be struggling. I germinated it via the straight to soil method, the sprout breached the soil but grew sideways, after a little inspection, it looks as if there is only sprout and only a very tiny taproot giving it no support to stand.

    I have replanted it with most the stem in the soil for support, is there anything else I can do to fix this?
  2. never heard of that. maybe you planted it too shallow at first? patience though i guess. try not to mess about with it and it should develop strong roots in time
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  3. I just got a whole pack of dinafem og kush seeds, i hope they don't suck now. =/
  4. would you mind posting a picture of the sprout? does the stem look pinched at all?
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  6. Probably that soil.

    Bark is a no no for cannabis.

    But I would continue to just water at this point it will make it or it won't. It's to fragile right now to be messing with it too much
  7. I see, what soil should I use? I assume there's no point changing the soil on the Big Bud Xxl concidering it's doing well.
  8. Fox farm and happy frog are 2 top choices

    If you don't have access to that pick out a soil with good drainage, no time release nutes, no bark, and stay away from any miracle grow product. Cannabis has the same needs at tomatoes.
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