Little tip for those who like to "sample" ..

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  1. i always see these QUICK DRYING threads with a couple dif ways to dry your "sample bud" ..

    i have a way and it wont kill the THC like baking/microwaving does.

    find the smallest room/closet in your house ..
    hang your buds in the small room
    put a small floor heater in the same room, and turn it on.
    close the door.

    it'll dry within a day or two, and its gggggreat. dank.
  2. good point, still requires some patience which is not a strong attribute of those of us that are samplers.

    I dried my entire last crop in 4 days. This is how. I put them in small enclosed area with fans blowing like crazy in there. I kept a remote temp gauge and whenever it was below 80 or so, I would take my gf's hair dryer and blow in there for a while until it was back up into the 90's. I would do this once or twice a day. Worked like a charm. It would be the same as your idea if I had a space heater, lol

    As for the "quick dry" which to me means I am going in there, picking a bud with the intention of smoking it with an hour or two. I use the oven very carefully and it works great.

    pre-heat on warm, turn it off. cut or tear the bud in to small pieces, I usually go for about bowl sized and place them on a paper plate in the oven. After about 15 minutes take them out and turn them while you reheat the oven. After 2 or 3 times you're done and I have not noticed any decrease in potency using that method, with the obvious exception that the buds arent always 100% mature.
  3. As a "quick dry method" i use a different way.
    1 cfl (daylight)
    1 bud

    Turn the cfl on,put the bud in there,cover it with a piece of papper
    or whatever and in 10-15m(depends on the bud size)u will have
    a dried/cured bud.Grind,lick,roll and u are ready :wave:

    Lot of ppl tried this method and agreed that it works.Try it
  4. I will try this next time. I think I never tried it because I read someone say the bright light is bad for the THC, but I dont see how 15 minutes could do anything, plus it's inside paper.

  5. i use this method. Its far better than the microwave or oven.

    still has a harsh green taste, but what quick dry method doesnt?
  6. Well,try it with a 25-30w max cfl,so ur buds wont be baked.Let em dry and cure for about 5-7m for medium buds and 10m for the larger.It worths :)
  7. I am going to try the cfl method later tonight. Sounds interesting. Used to taking the full 10 days to naturally dry them out.

  8. It might be dry, but it ain't gonna be cured. ;)

    All quick dried bud is harsh on the throat, there's no way round it really. :( I like a 'sample' as much as the next stoner but my throat always hates me for it. :rolleyes:
  9. I fully endorse this method, I picked this here up on the city last year.


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