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Little things. =]

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by a_bong_princess, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So, my bf just came over for a couple hrs just to hang out, I'm grounded for 2 more wks, so really the only way we can see each other is if he comes over here to my grandparents' house w/ them there or to my house (where I still go sometimes but am no longer living there, moving out soon :D) This guy is basically going to rescue me from my current crappy situation. But til then, he is holding onto some of my stuff... whatever my rents didnt take when they caught me, my Zippo lighter and fav bowl mostly.

    After he left, we were AIMing and he reminded me that he's keeping Ziggy (my bowl) safe for me... just made me feel so good inside. Idk, I just love that feeling of someone caring about me and doing little things that show it. Anyone feel me on this?
  2. I know what ya mean :) I remember your thread about a week back, so did you get grounded? Good decision to move out I think.. but yeah. The little things really do add up, aye.
  3. Hahaa yea. I've been grounded from like, life since May 6, seeing a drug counselor, the whole 9 yards. Thank God at least I can still see my bf, and I see my friends at school or have them over once in awhile. My restricted social life and lack of cell phone have made me do suprisingly well in (the few short weeks left of) school and in my sweet new job in a pool store :p
    So about 4 wks down, 2 more to go! I get out on the 16th :D
    Nd yea, my decision to move out/pay my own way thru college is about the best I've ever made so far. I am really and truly excited to experience complete independence... I know I can do it b/c I have alot of friends who've done it on their own, and I have all of them looking out for me ;)
  4. the name and first line in the thread are sooo misleading. the thread title is little things =], and the first line, "So, my bf just came over for a couple hrs just to hang out". i was crackin up by then. back on track tho, when ur in love the little things mean much more i guess. havent felt love in a while tho :/
  5. Haha yea sry, lol I always intend to get to the point on these things but end up rambling. I need to learn to like, summarize my thoughts or something.
    And aww... sorry for the lack of love in your life. It sucks, but from my limited experience... just when you have stopped looking or dismissed the (wo)men in your life as friends, someone special comes along or you see something in someone that you never did before. Don't look too hard to find love, the best kind is the love that finds you :)
  6. Sooo, uhhhh, whats he expecting in return for all this?

    You have heard of the phrase "Nothing in life is free", correct?

    jk :hello: lol.

    That's sweet, I hope you really enjoy yourself after everything is settled and you are on your own. :D
  7. He just wants to get in your pants.
  8. I honestly thought when you said little things you mean... oh never mind. Glad to hear stuff is working out for you but good luck paying for college. You know which one your going to? Most out of state colleges go over 15k for tuition alone.
  9. I'm going to community college... I've worked out most of the details and am pretty sure I can afford it w/o a problem. And hey, whats to say I dont want to get in his pants too, as soon as parents arent a problem ;)
  10. well i wish i could find a girl that smokes or is at least cool with it... but i guess ill just stay with who im with
  11. Aww your gf doesnt like that you toke? That sucks... I have a friend whos bf has police for parents and shes afraid to let him kno she still smokes weed, he thinks she quit. Lol you crazy stoners, dating straightedgies... never works out. Maybe you two should get together! Haha :p
  12. sucks she wont let me toke but other things kinda draw me to her...
  13. you should get a prepaid cell phone? Good luck with the whole moving out independence thang.
  14. Thanks =D I am very excited for it!

    and yea... the no phone thing was kind of a pain at first, but I'm so used to it now, kind of like adjusting to having other ppl drive me around, or no internet at my grandmas the first wk or so til she finally got Fios installed. I've found I can live just fine w/o any of them, ppl are so much more important to me.
    Anywho, I realized today that I may not have enough money, paying for college, that getting a phone would be a smart idea. If I need to contact someone, I can always use my bfs phone, I will be seeing him all the time soon and he has unltd texting.
    Funny for me to realize, my parents had a point when they said my excessive texting was a problem. Lol, its ironic to think its the phone they paid for causing more problems than the weed i was illegally getting :p Maybe I am growing up, I feel mature admitting to a fault like using/depending on my phone too much rather than face to face communication...

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