Little things you're good at thanks to weed

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  1. Sup GC

    After smoking weed for about 7 years now I realize that there are a bunch of things that ordinary people wouldn't be able to do but thanks to weed I have mastered them.

    For example when I'm driving my car. Smoking weed has taught me how to drive with my knees. I can take a nug from my stash, grind it, pack it and spark up while driving with my knees. I can't take 90 degree turns (yet lol) but i can easily switch lane and brake at the same time. It really makes me laugh sometimes. Nothing feels better than sparkin a bowl and put the seat far back, feels like I'm basically sinking into the seat all while going 80 on the freeway.

    Another thing is rolling j's in record time. There was a time when I could grind a nug and roll it in about a minute. I used a grinder and had already prepared a crutch but I was still happy with the time. I haven't mastered the one-handed rolling technique though...

    Those are the ones I can think of right now. I'll post more when I think of them.
    What are your talents you got from smoking weed?
  2. Why would you risk all that shit while driving your car? Just wait or pull over dude. Shit.
  3. If my regular driver tried to do that,

    We would probably all die hahaha. But that's pretty dope bro. I've hit the bong while driving But not on the freeway and
    I didnt load my bowl, it jus got passed to me ready to go everytime.
  4. Yeah I agree with DrJellydude... you're risking a lot of other peoples' lives while doing that, regardless of how "good" you are at it. But NO. DON'T PULL OVER TO PACK A BOWL ON THE FREEWAY, hahahaha.
  5. ^^ He's sorta right but hey, who am I to judge someone I don't know? I found that I am REALLY good at avoiding the cops. Whenever I am sober, I'll get pulled over and basically mind-fuck the cops to the point where they won't even charge me w/ whatever they originally pulled me over for, let alone find a way to get me to consent to a search through tricky word-play and find the bud I have on me at the time.

    I'm that guy who has been pulled over, with a 2-foot bong and 5 ounces ON the passenger's seat and the cops didn't have a CLUE!

    I've also somehow gotten really good at lying to cops and convincing them REALLY weird shit. I once convince a female cop she touched my boner when really she touched a blunt.
  6. fucking. bitches. When i bust my load it's like sinking my face into gianna michaels poon.

    oh and driving while packing a bowl is dumb as shit.
  7. With certain classes like history I take ridiculously good notes high compared to when I try to go to class sober. That and fucking.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Sounds like natural selection at work to me.
  10. Dude I've seen and heard many stories of people rolling j's and blunts while driving. This shit happens all the time.
    Plus when you think about it packing a bowl while driving is very similar to texting while driving which a lot of people do as well. You're not paying enough attention to the rode in both cases.
    So take it easy, I'm not saying I do this everytime I'm driving, just when I don't have a choice.
  11. Yea, cause you totally have no choice in when you smoke weed.

    Oh, and people who text and drive die a lot too.
  12. First thing I thought was driving with my knees haha.

    Also, the metric system?
  13. Questioning the goverment.

  14. [​IMG]

  15. This this this this, so much this.


    I have that T-shirt
  16. I'm good at rolling a blunt while driving a stick shift, while talking on the phone. use to do it while smoking a cig.... but I quit cigs a while ago.

    Don't try unless you're me.
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    Dude driving with no hands is sooo dangerous.

    No wait im not on this forum to be a little goverment fiend bitch, bet that shit feels good bro, I would try but I lost my liscence a while back

    Nothing wrong with trying to keep our brothers safe man..
    disrepect is not tolerated.
  18. Meeting new people , nothing says hello like a well packed bowl
  19. You cared enough to post that picture. That's all that matters.
  20. Agile, Better at anything board related (snowboarding, lonbboarding, skiing, waterskiing.) I just go balls out and am much better when i smoke sativas. Idk, I think my central nervous system boots up hardcore and I get a fuck ton of active potential and my nerves become much more activated so im

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