Little things that piss you off...

Discussion in 'General' started by Serapsis, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. So today I realized I get pissed off at weird things...
    My mom told me to come look at this huge ass spider... and then she kills it.
    Now, by no means am I a Petafreak, but I love nature and see no point in killing/harming stuff when its not doing anything to you (this spider was outside in its natural habitat by the way) :(

    Another one of mine is when people start talking to you when your doing something and you tell them to shut up.. and they just keep going, then when they're done they ask you a question, and since you weren't listening your only answer is "I told you to shut up, now go away" :confused_2:

    What little things tick you off?
  2. most recently...
    2% milk

    devious's rents dont drink whole milk...i do
    so we bought me a quart of some whole milk along with the regular 2% thats always in the house to begin with...
    last night i wanted some milk with my cookies...
    apparently his dad didnt realize there was a difference between the WHITE GALLON and the YELLOW QUART....


    they eat all my wic food and give it to the dogs as well...:mad:

    is it soo much to ask to leave the damn whole milk that you dont even like alone?? i mean really??
  3. Just thought of another one...

    I HATE when people touch my computer screen and leave smudge marks. Im often working in photoshop on the computer so my eyes are keen and smudges are distracting... and having to clean it is just an annoyance. Also with my new monitor I got a few weeks ago I've noticed it keeps getting little specs of dust and shit on it.
  4. wanna kno a trick...

    if you take a fabric softener sheet..and run it over your should help keep dust away...ive done it with tvs and it works
  5. People who come over to your house with fast food and then leave the garbage on the table!!:mad:
  6. People that get ticked off about killing a spider piss me off.

    I'm being dead serious.
  7. being the ONLY one in the house that knows something and no one listening to you cuz ur the youngest....
  8. Being allergic to foods I like: black pepper, cayenne pepper, cantaloupe.
    That they don't carry meats I like at the grocery stores, like: rabbit, ostrich, squirrel, alligator.

  9. currently im attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. . .

    so everything pisses me off.
  10. how my dad and pap think they know everything just because their older than me, when in reality i know for a fact that i'm smarter than both of them when it comes to soo many things

    like my pap thinks you can get sick from being cold... cold doesnt make you sick, germs do dumbass

    and my pap also thinks that the only reason people do anything is either for money or to showoff.. like people dont like to skateboard because it gives a sense of accomplishment when you learn new tricks, its just to show off

    and what really pissed me the fuck off, is we were talkin about me doin drugs when i was younger, n he kept tellin me i did it to fuckin showoff... i was like "i did drugs by myself, who the fuck was i showing off too" and he just couldnt get it through his fucking head and kept tellin me how guys go to the bar and drink so they can be social to showoff, n he couldnt fuckin get it that i did drugs alone, not to go have a good time, nothing to do with showing off

    wanted to fucking strangle him

    my dad has a better sense of reality, but theres still alota things that the way he thinks work are wrong
  11. When people feel the need to pull in front of you and then drive 10mph slower.:mad:
  12. OMGZ but then it saves gas! *eye roll*

    I hear ya. Where I live it's land of the mopeds, and if that little thing maxes out at 40 mph, don't pull out in front of me when I'm going to speed limit of 55 and make me slam on my brakes.

    especially if there's no one behind me.
  13. ^ you just reminded me of another.. when a car is in the fast lane, driving the same fucking speed as the car next to it

    cops really need to enforce that fuckin law, its supposed to be illegal to drive for a certain distance in the passing lane.. like at least have a little respect, if you dont like cars in front of you, pull over into the right lane after you pass the guy in that lane, dont fucking drive 40mph in the 45 and block the fucking road... makes me wanna fucking ram those cocksuckers
  14. I hate stepping in wetness when I'm wearing socks. For some reason almost everyone I have ever lived with is incapable of putting a towel down or making any attempt to dry the floor after they shower. It's one thing if they just got out, but if there is still a puddle there 3 hours after anyone has been in the shower, that's just god damn lazy.

    Skim milk sucks. I have been buying nothing but 2% while away at university, but my parents always buy skim for some god damn reason. My family is seriously the only group of people I have EVER met who buys skim milk, and only skim milk. It tastes like water, and I hate it. I'm skinny enough as it is, I don't need all the fat and flavour removed from my milk for no reason.
  15. guys who think girls are "ragging" cause they're acting like a bitch. like really -- we don't owe guys a fuckin explanation as to why we're acting like that. we're acting like that cause we can.

    snitches. online or outside. period. snitches get stitches

    people who drive fast cars but drive slow. wtf is wrong with you. seriously. i don't give a fuck. drive faster.

    people in my neighborhood who think im gonna run over their kids. if your stupid kids were playing on the sidewalk or driveways, THEY WOULDN'T GET HIT! sidewalks were built for a reason.

    flakers. :mad:
  16. when someone keeps calling my phone, over, and over. TAKE A HINT!!!! theres only one of two options... i don't have my phone, or i don't wanna talk to you. I'll see that you called and call you back, christ.

    I hate when people are very touchy... like touching all my shit. especially my phone or my computer. I do not like it when people use my computer... i guess its because its almost an extension of myself at this point. My entire life can be found on my computer, everything. its private, and i like having my privacy respected.

    when people interrupt me when i'm talking. Like, i'll say something halfway through a story, that reminds someone of something, and they start blurting out something all excited. shut the fuck up, im talking!

    when people call me for weed, especially when its for a $10 bag. I don't sell, and you know it; you're just calling me because you can't find anyone else, and you know i always have a lot of weed on me. No, i don't wanna be all sketchy and meet you at a church or 7/11 to make $2 on a 10 bag, leave me alone.\

    otherwise i'm very easygoing lol. But i probably don't seem that way from this post lol, cuz im basically ranting about things that really piss me off

    oh yea, and close your mouth when you chew, and pass the burning blunt before you start your 10 minute story
  17. Yeah! The guy in the fucking Mustang that's going five under pisses me off. Good one. :mad:
  18. wooooordddd
  19. [​IMG]

    with no beer
  20. people who talk really loud when they're on a cell phone.

    among other things, but I don't really want to make a huge list haha

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