little story about me and a poisonous mushroom

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  1. so some of you might remember me post a thread with pictures of a mushroom i found and wanting to know if it was edible , and i was reffered to another website about shrooms. we'll i posted it on there and it took forever for them to comment me back so i just ait it ( my mistake

    So after about 2 hours of eating the mushroom i got a slight head ache and i went to work. and being at work for about 20 minutes i started feeling like SHIT . through up like 3 times at work . i told my boss i had a bug and needed to leave , she was understanding and i went home . by the time i got home i thought i was going to die. i went straight to the bathroom stripped all my clothes off because i was sweating like a happy crack head . and puked so damn much . i went blind for about 10 minutes and lost all coordination of my arms and legs. i was getting cramps in my feet ,legs and arms . it was the most horrifying experience in my life .

    So if you ever find a mushroom and want to eat it.. wait for conformation that its not deadly lol. just thought id share with you guys :wave:

  2. Wow that sucks man, but why would you goto work after eating shrooms?
  3. lmfao....
    lesson learned i guess... dont eat random shrooms
  4. DUDE, I told you they were poisonous...
    Why would you ask for advice and then not consider it?

    Edit: Im not trying to be a dick
  5. yea vary big leasson learnd lol.. i went to work b.c iv ben to work baked as shit and didnt think the shroom would be that strong b/c it wasnt commercialy grown like im ust to lol .

    u told me they where poisones? damn dude i have a bad memory . no bad feeling thow its all good .. i guess when i got on that other website i was reading about peoples finds in there lawn so i was like kick ass lol

    Its all good
  6. I bet you take candy from strangers too...
  7. The only place I've heard of them growing wildly is in open fields where cows are roaming.
    (but im sure they have popped up in someone's yard at one point)

    Technically, all mushrooms are poisonous (with an exception of the ones on your pizza, maybe). Even magic ones, because the high is simply a non-lethal dose of a toxic chemical..... But the wild ones in the yard, are a BAD poisonous. I've heard of people dieing from em.
    That's No Bueno.
  8. lol DCrist721 yea its a mistake i will never make agin
  9. Wow your lucky you are ok. Maybe you should visit the doc to see if you have any permanent damage.
  10. yea thats a good idea . i should go to the doctor . dont want a little problem now to turn into a big one later in my life.
  11. Weird man.. a lot of the time when people eat the wrong shrooms they dont feel ill for several days and then often don't know it is the mushroom and dont get attention fast enough. I would definatly recommend going to a dr. But you may have just had a quick episode and your all good.
  12. At least you had the balls to say you made a mistake.

    Good that you learned your lesson, so now you won't die via shoom misidentification. :)

  13. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope

    For an average sized person, the LD50 is around 19lbs dried weight. That's an impossible amount to consume. It's about as toxic as pot.

  14. Q to the F to the T

    Psilocybin is not actually poisonous. Its a chemical that simulates seratonin in the brain and makes you all happy and whatnot. (Or so I've been told, someone please elaborate if I'm giving misinformation:D)
  15. Yeah if there's one rule that should always be followed for shrooms, it's:
    Don't eat shit you randomly find unless you're pretty educated in mycology... the chance of a random shroom being psychoactive is pretty slim. Even if it looks like the real thing and bruises blue, it's still a good idea to do a spore print to be sure.
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  16. that is the most intelligent thing i have seen here today.

    +rep for you.

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