little red wires in my weed

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  1. I want to think the greater good in people. I doubt YOUR dude added that stuff. Whoever likely got it wholesale, flipping it to make a buck, and doesn’t even know it’s there. I’d address it.
  2. Hm...I mean, to me it just looks like poor it was tied/supported by this stuff and they weren't careful enough during harvest or some such.
    Though, I dunno...
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  3. Yes, poor handling. It's magnet wire and probably took too long to untie so they snipped it off.
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    Your friend has a terrible connect. Probably not even worth the follow up. Metal wires in bud? Seriously? I would stop smoking that stuff immediately, particularly if you’re experiencing side effects.

    Where the hell do you live that weed is so expensive that you need to resort to this black market bull crap? Truth be told, you’re being overcharged anyways.
  6. Thats actually the answer I got from him finally. Trellis, which I had no idea what that meant lol. I've only been smoking 15 years so I probably don't know as much as people on here that have been doing it longer and using more new age ways of stuff. Thank you all!!
  7. Sorry I don't know much about the new stuff. It turned out to be the trellis they used. I've only been smoking 15 years so I don't know as much as others or the new stuff they use/do during growing. I'll learn more and more everyday hopefully!
  8. No worries man it is not something that you would have been introductory to unless you grew weed or knew someone who grew weed and they would have to be training with the scrog method which is where you use the trellis or. Net to spread the plant out. :)
  9. I really appreciate that. And no I don't grow so I def wouldn't have know that. Thank you for teaching me something new!!
  10. i know i damn sure have never used a steel trellis,and wouldnt,be my luck if cards id electricute myself some how,lmao.
    still say time for a new source,what will be next?
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  11. I looked up weed trellis and none look like tony red wires. They are not magnetic and when I burn one the red comes off. Idk
  12. only wire treliss i know of is the wire i use outside for canaloupe ,watermelons and cucumbers,and i use field fence,the trellis netting i have is thread ,black thread and 2in squares,most stores sell the 4 in white square type ,sorry i just dont buy the treliss thing,hey as long as your healthy stay that way you dig
  13. well if that is you in your avatar you would be a very pretty green thumb and there more than one person in this site that could get you growing the good stuff ,YOUR OWN

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