little red wires in my weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CaseyGee, May 9, 2020.

  1. i got to leave this thread ,this shit got me so vio;lent right now im shaking,side effect of ptsd,when you want help growing just holler friend
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  2. I was hoping it wasn't that bad. Kind of like smoking of cans or metal pipes but you all really have me rethining this. I tried to burn a piece and all it did was burn the color red off and it was just silver then. I'll def invest in a magnet.
  3. i
    I'm sorry. Thank you so much for the info! I'm gonna try what you said!
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  4. soooo did you text/call your dealer and ask WTF their problem is??
  5. Yeah he said none of his has it in it but there's no way. He gets from a higher up dude so he's contacting him.
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  6. He said that sativa was gonna get you wired literally
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  7. I wouldnt trust buying from them anymore, not worth it. Who knows what else they may be willing to do to it. Most clubs have some house or cheaper stuff. Hopefully you can find a new connect.
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  9. Wonder if they used wire to hold up heavy buds? Then just snipped it and left it on bud. Of not , find out who they are and get even WITHOUT them knowing it was you.
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  10. I'm a medi user for spinal stenosis
    I am in a legal state though ,
    I believe unless you're in florida if you have a medical card you can grow 3-6 plants .
    The initial investment is pricey or at least can be , there are cheap routes
    Start with 1-2 auto fems and go from there , in a full year you will pay for your investment.
    Without the fear of copper wires in your nuggs .

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  11. We are not allowed to grow in our state. We got caught with a half pound even with our medical cards and we are still awaiting our charges. We live in bellefonte pa
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  12. Might as well tell your connect that u found someone new and can't believe you ever smoked his garbage to begin with. Then block and he will forever be wondering where to get that real flame fire at

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  13. It could have been put in before your guy picked it up An he said nothing as no one will
    Buy it. It's a bit of a dirty trick doing that in my eyes
  14. Looks like little copper wires.
  15. Ok you probably live in an illegal state and you have a shady plug that disguises lil red wires for pistils. You got ripped off. Sorry. I'd call the cops on him.
  16. Panama Redwire. I hadn't seen that in a while. But really I bet it got unintentionally contaminated somewhere along the way. It doesn't look like it would have added enough weight to matter and if it was intentional why use red wire instead of green. It looks like a very small gage magnet wire.
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  17. That was my first thought was it was whatever they used for a trellis in the weed.
  18. So can 90% of the people on here...
    Its called a carbon filter :)
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  19. Return it.

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