little red dots on hands = allergies?

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, May 9, 2004.

  1. I seem to keep getting these little red dots on my hands when I work, and sometimes when I'm not working, just doing something at home... It always happens well I'm actively doing something with my hands, and it feels like a bunch of tiny slivers or something.

    Just a bunch of little red dots, some of them are bunched up in a group, I could'nt find anything on google or webmd, so I decided to ask here, cause I want to know what these things are... I'll probably post pictures later if no one can tell me of hand...

    I think I might be allergic to something and contact with it is causing these, and I work at a pizza place so I touch a lot of different foods and whatnot... just noticed it seems to get worse if my hands get sweaty or warm (ie, resting on a keyboard is how i noticed it), or maybe they are just standing out more.

    anyway, thanks in advance, peace
  2. Man im not sure, have you tried taking benadryl whenver it happens?
    because it does sound like some allergic reaction.
  3. Do you have to wash your hands a lot while working? I noticed one day after work I had washed my hands way moer than usual and my hands were all red and irritated. They got all itching and burning hardcore when I put hand lotion on it. So maybe it's soap er something?
  4. youre probably not smoking enough. or maybe too much. I forget how it works with you pizza guys :D

    anyway, 12 inch, I had the same thing..I touch a lot of cardboard allllll day, my hands are a mess lately..
    cows, try some benedryl..spmetimes itll help clear stuff liek that up. and try to keep them dry, maybe use some powder. and dont! use anything with fragrance, thats a big no-no!
  5. well now I'm a bit more worried about the giant burn the pizza oven left me! :D

    I'll try the bendryl next time i work, and yes, I was washing my hands a lot more then usual, but I wasn't using soap, just rinsing... I've read that it can be from a lot of contact with metal, but the only time i'm touching metal is when I'm hitting my pinche on the way to delivery pizza!

    btw, pizza delivery is a fucking awesome job for stoners, everytime I make a pizza, i get so anxious to go deliver it and smoke! Plus you get tips plus gas money from the place, so I make 6/hr plus tips and $1 a delievery, and I use about 5-10 in gas a night, so it aint bad at all.

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