Little quirks that make your grow unique

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newbiedoobie, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Does your grow space have anything that feels special to you? Mine has a few. There's a/c from a vent right infront of the closet (blows straight in), perfect size for a mini S.O.G. with three shelfs that adjust, I'm getting my D.E.B. digital electric ballast next week, and I don't need a humidifier, just jump in the shower twice a day and it keeps it between 35% and 70+%. Almost like this room was built for growing. Much respect to the 60's and 70's.:cool:

    I'm excited to get my new 400w D.E.B.:hello:
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  2. lol mines special cause i build the whole system from stuff i could get at home depot, and my plants are more matue, healthier and better looking/smelling then anything ive ever grown indoors or outdoors.
  3. Do you you have hps/ mh? If so, how'd you set it up 'cuz I might want to add more lighting later.:confused:
  4. This probably makes mine pretty unique ... the light reflector for my 4x42watt CFL's, is made completely out of a rice crispy's box, aluminum foil, and scotch tape.. (lol)


    But hell, it does it's job.
  5. Nice lol! Just don't do that with an hps lol. Mines perfect for flowering because the humidity gets down to 30%-40% on its own. I don't have to worry about mold and the plants seem to produce a lot of trichomes.
  6. tripleBla that is new invention recycling
    if it works keep it up, though like everyone says, mybe mylar for reflecting.

    anybody else with anything interesting?

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