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  1. I just for fun put alot of bag seed in soil and set it on my windiw sill expecting nothing to happen. I went on vacation for a week and now I have 8 sprouts. 4 of them are real close together. I am wondering how to transplant them without killing them? Any advice is much appreciated. Pics later when I can
  2. Get a spoon and try to take all the dirt out of the pot(in once peice) then use the spoon to separate the roots as best as you can, with the smallest amount of damage ad possible, then put them in there own pots, once there in there own pots I would put a humidity dome over them just to insure that any root damage doesn't kill the plants
  3. Do what the above said but very gentle. Seedlings have hardly any roots so damage can be bad for them.

    Next time plant one seed per pot. MJ grows big and is rooty. More then one in one pot is asking for trouble.
  4. I have a very different view of this situation. Some may think it harsh, but my honest best advice is to flush those sprouts down the toilet. You germinated seeds not expecting anything to happen? That's what seeds do. Then you went away, and now that you're back, well it's really just too late to get your shit together. I've seen posts like this countless times, and they always result in dead sprouts because you are unprepared.

    If you want to grow, germinating is the last thing to do, after you learn what is needed and get your grow space and setup working, have supplies in hand, etc. Now you are going to try to scramble to do that, and frankly it just won't work. It's like bringing home a baby from the hospital and then first wondering if you need a crib or some diapers and bottles -- too late, the baby needs those things immediately.

    Baby MJ sprouts can't wait for you to get things together either. All the advice we can give you won't buy you any more of the time you don't have. If you want to grow, start from the beginning, get a decent setup tested and ready, then germinate some seeds and give yourself and your plants their best chance for success.
  5. I thought the same thing^ but hey, there already started and it could work out if this person steps up and does what's required, it's too late for outdoor, so get some lights and everything you need, and try not to kill them
  6. This is what I started out with.
    They are transplanted all on there own now and they look like they are gonna be ok. Ill post pic of after soon
  7. Not true what so ever my friend. i had about 38 sprouts in 4 1 gallon ish pots transfered 18 into the ground/ pots outside. all that i transfered survived for about 1 month and a half until they finnally sucomed to the bugs but 5 are still goin my friend. check out my threads man. my first grow but from what i can tell Weed is a very STRONG plant.
    you can do it man good luck tho n do the transfer ASAP or you will hate yourself for not unless you just dont care
  8. these plants are extreme "live lovers" I grew my first plant with 1 was very stretched but it did grow. I bought all of my equipment as I have been going along. this is my third grow so I am a noob as well. if you really want those to grow, they will. Just get everything that you need ASAP so that you can take care of those little sprouts. Good luck to you fellow blade
  9. Outdoors. So you did not need to build, buy and set up a grow space, lights, fans, vents, light-traps, temp control, etc etc. Huge difference.

  10. this is true, but if you are like me you wish everyone grew there own. if this blade starts with minimal supplies(since this is where he is at now), and gets the itch of growing, you and I both know that he will go get more/better equipment as he goes. at least this is what happened to me. I started my grow in a cup next to a light in my room, I was just screwing around. that plant did not do so well but I am 100% addicted. went from 13 watt's to the 450 watts I'm at now. Just my $0.02[​IMG]
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    Yes i am outdoors but im just saying that he can save these plants. You insisted he flushedem down the toilet. Not saying he could make the whole grow from a window sill with no supplies but his plants will survive
  12. I respect your view. I'm not a hater, I wish the OP good luck on a grow that he is at least somewhat serious about and at least somewhat prepared for. That's really the kind of person GC is for IMO. I think it does a disservice to the community when people do no planning at all and germinate seeds for fun or not expecting them to germinate and then suddenly just because the seeds actually germinated like they are designed to they decide they want to become a grower and so come on here in a panic needing emergency advice on how to breathe life into withering little taproots and sprouts, what supplies and setup they need by yesterday, asking for the most basic information already found in the stickies about the plant and growing, etc.

    It can be confusing enough for a newbie, many newbie grows don't make it even when the grower does proper prep, the odds are very much against a newbie who has no prep and is racing against the clock he started by germinating seeds without a plan in mind. All I'm saying is to go back to square one and do some prep, then you really have a decent shot at it.
  13. From what toasty is posting let me explain my situation. The seeds I just threw into the cup where the ones that didnt give me a taproot in the paper towel. So yeah I just threw them there but im a seasoned grower. I just never had to break up a bunch of sprouts before. Just wanted transplanting advice. Im uploading the transplant pics to photobucket now. Gonna post here soon
  14. ***sorry for assuming you were a noob like me :D)
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    Not a hater either just trying to get my veiw across. But i am the same person... Was Just hoping for sprouts to come thru but now ive taken it on seriously. Im just to broke to be buy a hole ass load of nutes n fertilizers. Im doin a most basic grow with horse manure n potting soil, and pots i already have. And bag seeds. But im expecting to get pounds out of this either. Most peoplr that start ti grow think there going to get pounds outa one plant. Im praying for maybe 5oz outa 5 plants
  16. After. The little girls in the seedling box

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