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  1. Hello all i realized that i neglected to adjust my ph up to now... so i bought litmus paper(5.5-8 range) ...(i know its not digital but i cant afford one right now and i know its better than nothing..) and ph+/- ... i grow in soil in a 1gal pot and wanted to test my ph so i tested my degassed water and had a ph of 6.4-6.6 witch is perfect... Run off was at 5.8... My question is... I have technaflora recipe for success and feed every 3 waterings... Next time is my nutes solution... And it would normally have to be adjusted to 6.5... But since im at 5.8 soil ph should i make it more alkaline a bit to get the soil ph down a bit? If so bringing it up to what should bring me close enough to 6.5 then adjust the next ones to 6.5 to bring it to normal or should i adjust everything to 6.5 from now on and it will bring itself back?

    Thanks for your time and answers
  2. Do you have problems with your plants that may be due to pH problems, or are you trying to fix a problem you didn't know you had until you started looking at the pH?
  3. Well i just noticed a little clawing... And blackening of the tips of my oldest leaves...



  4. Fixing a problem i didnt know i had... Lol
  5. Looks like a touch of nute burn/high nitrogen. Otherwise what I see looks very healthy.

    The trouble with pH in soil is that it naturally fluctuates as it dries out and the plants respirate, so you can really fuck things up by obsessing about a lower than ideal measurement of your runoff.

    Make sure your water is reasonable pH, then make sure your usual nute mix is a reasonable pH, and as long as it's between about 6.4 and 7 then don't worry too much about it or you'll make yourself crazy. If you're already adjusting the pH of your nutrients after mixing them up, then you could go a little higher than 6.5, but don't try to fix it by flushing with a load of pH8 solution!

    If you're doing 3 watering a week, could be it's a bit too much and the soil is wet still. That can lower pH. Sometimes they don't drink so much water because they are doing other things.
  6. Looks just a bit nute heavy, ph both in and out are within range. Do you have any purpleing on the stems? If not, no problem. Give the plants a flush and start back up with a lower dose nute mix.
  7. I water when its dry at end of finger first knuckle in ... And i think i got purple stem... I cant check to be sure... Its black out time... What would purple stem mean?
  8. Purple or red stems means you have a pH problem. No purple stems usually means no pH problem.

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  9. Ok good thanks all for your input

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