Little osbourne girls ROCKS!

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  1. hahahahahahahaha

    ozzy is probably so ashamed.

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  2. she so does not rock.....blah
  3. Talk about a family operating as a money machine!
    I thought the Osbournes show was really humorous, but I turned a tad sour once I realized it was more of a launching pad for little Kelly's "music" career. Interesting they use filters on her voice, I wonder if she can really belt it out like the computers make it seem?

    I hate to be harsh, she is probably realizing her lifetime dream, but she wears clothes that are literally billboards advertising herself and her new music.
    blah. they could have brought her music into the world with a little more taste and a little less commercialism.
    or is that all this whole deal is about? *confused*
  4. The Ozzy chick was okay, but the band behind her on the MTV movie awards Pure Rubbish is what really rocked!
  5. I think theres no question that she is all commercial. So she really should be wearing something that shows more shape. I mean, with that kind of music and dance, she's got to give us more of the hips.
  6. i dont think thats even her singing, anyone else?
    i think she's the worst singer that came out this year
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    <font color="#000000"><b><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono"><font color="#003FC1" size="4"> can say what you want about her singing, and being commercial, fake, etc...
    but man, she is so yummy... and i'm young enough to say that without being a creep...</font><font color="#003FC1"> [​IMG]

    [​IMG] </font></font>
    </font><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">

    <font color="#003FC1" size="4">check this out... a still shot I took from an episode of The Osbourne's...
    Ozzy pulls down Kelly's pants...</font>

    <font color="#FFFFFF">[​IMG].[​IMG]</font>

    <font color="#003FC1" size="4"> [​IMG] mmm, black thong... meeeeeeooooowwwwww... here li'l pussycat...</font> [​IMG]
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  8. actually shes pretty damn ugly if you ask me
  9. shes butt ass ugly.......her only hit is a rip off of another least the commercial pop singers have looks for them.......i have no respect for her or any artist whatsoever that their only hit is a remake
  10. im tired of seeing this thread. imho
  11. She does sing pretty shady and looks like butt, if i was one of ozzy's children i'd probably be trying to get into a music career too, even though i can't sing and look like butt also. My tunes would probably be better though, it would be a really hard almost gothic rock, and all i'd do is yell everything so nobody would know i couldn't really sing. Everyone should be able to follow there dreams no matter how bad they might be at them. Or something like that.

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