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little nug plant growth log

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by I_Want_To_Grow, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. im gonna start keepin track and takin pics of this plant. it is a nug seed given to me by a grower who crossbred some good stuff supposedly a mix of flo & kali mist. this was taken about 1/2 hour before transplant.. after transplant the leaves curled up and looked withered but hopefully it is still alive... more pics to come soon.... gave it a few gallons of water and some root helper after transplant

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  2. well went and checked this morning.. 2 of the 5 pointed leaves were shriveled to shit so i plucked them... it looks like its recovering from transplant but i will water it later... the soil it was in was just some bare dirt we saw in my friends yard.. it grew pretty nicely out of it, but i transplanted it to some miracle grow: moisture control soil and and the soil in the area seemed sandy and had lots of wood chips in it so it should drain pretty well now...


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  3. looks to be doing decent.
  4. Hmm looks like in that last photo there is alot of rocks and sticks around the plant. This is probly ok its just that i had an expierence with that were there was mold because of bark and rotting vegitaion. I cleand the area it was in up and the mold around it left to. Just a sugjestion, good luck hopes it's a female.
  5. How tall is your plant, and how old before you transplanted it? The drainage looks good to me.
  6. uhm id say it is about 7" tall it has had about 2-3 of 5 pointed leaves but we have cut them and plucked them to make them grow back... still not sure about the process of pruning to make two tips.. the soil sorta looked like river sediment with lots of wood chips in it because of the creek nearby i guess.
  7. here it is.....fucking had to retype all this shit....... plant fell over from rain, hail, high wind. i put it straight up, getting healthier and getting new leaves but nothing impressive yet

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  8. Protect your plant from this happening again by tying it loosely to a stake.It gives the plant stability.
  9. heres is a new pic.. all the leaves have at least one flaw.. i dont know why but every leave is either missing a blade or has a chunk out of it. its starting to get nice and bushy:) once the roots finally reach into the miracle gro soil underneath it should take off pretty well

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  10. another from top

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  11. Your plant looks really good. I bet it didn't look so good after the wind blew it over. Put a small stake in the ground beside your plant and loosely tie the mainstem to it.This will prevent it from being blown over the next time you get high winds.

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