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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DaWeedMan, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. Hello all..
    Yes i am a newbie at all this.. which does suck! I want to start to grow. I have before, last year I grew 2 pretty good plants.
    WOWO! go me.. but anyways I need a "Friend" will someone be my buddy? lol

    I just need some Help.. I have read everything. I do know alittle about it.. Just like some cheap ways to make lights work.. some pointers and shit..

    SmOke It Up! LiFe Is FuN!

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  2. HIGH Daweedman!! GEEZUZ! That's a GREAT lookin' boxload ya got there! Feel free to bring it on down to Mardis-Gras land any ol' time!! Happy Token' To Ya!!
  3. Will you marry me? *lol*
  4. Ya its alright..
    I need a friend? wont anyone be my friend.. lol..
    wonder if anyone lives near me?

    Any one near the east coast or anything.. THANKS so much

    Happy Growing

    I just planted sometoday ill be taking some pics.

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  5. I live on the east coast, where you at?
  6. Ill be your friend, but i live on the west coast

    a friend with weed is a friend indeed, and u look like a good friend :D happy growing
  7. You can come visit me anytime your in the Emerald City :)

  8. 420girlie, I thought you wanted to marry me!?!
    *mumbles*gold diggin' bitch*mumbles*j/k

  9. I just want you to know, I love you for what's on the inside :)

    OHHH shit, well I guess one of you will have to settle for meaningless sex then *lol* or, we could do sort of a time share.

    what do you think?

    P.S.I think you mean weed diggin' bitch *lol*
  10. yo 420girlie...u in seattle too? if so u should smoke me out tonight lol...holla back
  11. I would totally smoke you out if I had weed :)

    So, I think you should smoke me out.

    Where are you?
  12. Hey I live north more.. up near NH.
    Where u live?

    Happy Growin.. AND Tokin

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