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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bigk, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. When I started growing my 2 plants, I had a compact flouro light almost so close to the tops of them itwas almost toucvhing.... One night they grew enough to actually be touching the light and it burnt a few of the leaves... They turned all brown and shit... I cut the burnt leaves off hopeing they will just regrow...

    Will they just regrow?? I'm worried at such an early stage in growing, (only 9 days above ground), that this might largely effect how well they grow:??

    Can anyone provide information or reassurance that they will be fine??

    I will be sure not to slip that up again.!!
  2. as long as it has green leaf left then it will regrow.
    when a leaf gets burned it seals its own wound so little damage is done apart from the brown bit which is dead and will fall off in good time.
    by cutting the brown off you have given the plant a new, worse wound that is open to infeciton and will take time and enegey to heal.

    if it happens again just move the light away and leave the plant alone, ite the best thing for it in a case like this.
  3. 1/ post a pic, a pic is allways best

    2/ when you say a fluro, i can have the leaves touch the cool white i use for clones and young plants, are you sure your using the same type of light?

    3/ it's a weed and is very resiliant, it'll grow back, but if it has suffered stress then it may take another week or 2 to recover........

    Peace out.........Sid

  4. thin tube fluros get hotter than the fat tube fluros.
    when doing a tall satvita grow i run fluro tubes straght through the plants near the bottom with no burn even when leaves curl around the tube.
    im forever finding my little ones have had a growing spurt and grown into a cf and burned. now ive started using a small hps for my seedlings and even clones for safty as sometimes i have to leave my grow for a few days at a time.

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