Little miss Golden Berry - Indica dom. 2 gal smart pot frost machine

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    So this is the little sister that pretty much didnt make it through veg. To come to this beautiful lady.
    Shes loosely 40 days in flower (Data loss)
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  2. Could i get this put int he journal section please
  3. Subbd looking delicious! What size light and some grow specifics

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  4. Thanks. She has a completely different smell, look, everything about hr is different. I got two widespread phenos.

    1000w air cooled - I removed all leds to remove heat and get my hps lower. HPS FOREVER
    coco a + B
    temp day 24 night 10-14
    ph 6.0 fed twice a day 2 gallon smart pot.

    I dont expect to yield much. I also worry of rot with the closs being so close.

    However that blueberry on the right is young and shes going to be BIG, straw berry cough at the back. 9 days into flower. Shell be a good one.
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