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  1. Alright so i just thought about this memory from high school, Ok so i have played baseball my whole life and still do in college, but one day in gym we had a sub and i didnt really recognize him at first, but he recognized me and it turned out to be an umpire i used to know back when i was like 12 (i was 15 at the time) now hes a really good guy, old and just seems to make the better things out of nothing. So as i was talking to him i couldnt help but notice he smelled like straight up ganja, it was rediculous. so i just said something only a stoner would know ( i forget what i said exactly) but it had something to do with bud. And he just looked at me and laughed. And i asked him if he smoked and he just said "HELL YEAH!" haha it was funny as hell. So he was just talkin to me about who he gets it from and what he gets and he wound up dealing to me a few times, and vise versa. Then after school i saw him leaving and he was like hey come here for a sec. so i did and in his car he had like 3 bongs and had names great names for all of them. then just lights one up and clears the whole thing, then offered me a hit (of corse i did), i wound up taking a few hits and it got me high for the whole practice that day. god it was so funny to think this like 70 year old dude still enjoys tokin. Just goes to show you, u never know who is a stoner:smoke:
  2. This kinda story makes me wonder if I'm going to be smoking bud when I'm 70... I don't see anything that can really stop me once I move out of my parents house (3 months to go hopefully!!!!)

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