Little Kids on This Site

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Moblha, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Anybody else tired of all the inexperienced, little kids in this site? Admins, please take a day and ban all of them. They're giving this site a bad rep

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  2. You just joined like a hour ago bro :laughing:
  3. Well, I mean...The site is centered around marijuana, it doesn't take much to make it bad.

    Personally I'm more tired of the inexperienced adults, like these old people that come into my store and don't know how to work their credit card...Well fuck, you should of just stuck with cash then.[​IMG]

  4. Ive used this site for many years. Always been too sketched to sign up. But I saw a really dumb post and had to reply so I made an account lol plus I figured out how to use vpn on my phone soooo

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  5. [​IMG] touché
  6. At one point, were you not inexperienced? Give 'em a break. Also, inexperienced doesn't always mean underage.

  7. The feds are gunna get through that VPN man, you made at least 7 posts they have you for sure. Better sell your stuff and hide out in the woods, good luck!

  8. Maybe at least I can grow in peace there. Too bad I'm pretty sure some state is trying to make it illegal to live off the grid😕

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  9. Lol doesn't bother me, we should all just help one another out

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    But I do agree with you where I see dumb post where kids are scared of a drug test they clearly are passing, but we all have been there.

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  10. Okay yeah maybe I can cut some slack on the experience. But I still don't condone underage smoking

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  11. its it internet though. a few will get in. mods can only do so much and so fast.
  12. That is why we have a report button.
    We are too few to read every post and need our members to help us out.

  13. inexperienced doesn't always mean underage and vice versa.
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    Isn't that why people join forums in the first place?

    To ask question about stuff they don't know?

    Or is it just to stroke each others egos about how much they know themselves?

    I agree on the underage thing but the moderators are mods not magicians.

    I was a mod at a quasi-legal forum for years.

    I will say I'd take inexperience repetitive newb questions over condescending elitist smartass responses any day.

    That helps no one.
  15. It's sad that these "kids" have parents who have absolutely no clue what their child is up to. When they're left to their own devices, they tend to do things they shouldn't. When mine were young, we purposely didn't have a computer in the house and they didn't get cell phones until they were old enough to get a job and pay for their own. Believe it or not, I raised two well-adjusted and fine young men who have never spent a night in jail and aren't addicted to drugs. Neither even smokes weed. So you can't make me believe that everybody on the planet needs a cellular device in their hand and instant contact with anyone all over the world. I think we need to make sure that kids get a chance to be kids before we toss them into this screwed up world and then give them no guidance. I'll get off my soap box now!! TWW
  16. Guess most of you were born adults! Not my place to be concerned about underage. I reckon most were when they signed up.

    The sites pretty heavily moderated im sure if they are found out they will be banned. Im not gonna highlight the issue.

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  17. I like this place. It's moderated and I feel safe on here whenever I post. Recently I know I just joined, I was always nervous about joining before hand but now I realized it's not such a big deal.
  18. They serve as an integral part of the community; people I can laugh at because of their inexperience and dumb questions.
    I mean seriously, 'uh how much weed goes in a blunt?'
  19. hallucinations, greenouts...

    aint nobody got time for that


  20. how long's a piece of string?

    dont blame people for that one

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