little kids and crack

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 15, 2006.

  1. haha i dunno y, but whenever i'm gonna smoke hard i get like anxiety, but it makes me feel happy but uncomfortable, and then when i'm puttin it in the pipe i like start losing my breathe n my heart pounds really hard, n then i smoke the crack n i feel fuckin awesome, its kind of like bein a really excited little kid haha

    dependin on if my check comes in the mail, i'm smokin some hard today folks, followed by bud
  2. Is that a picture of you smoking a crack rock in your avatar?
  3. Wow dude, haha
  4. i would never do crack because i refuse to do a drug named after a part of my own ass.
  5. I think the only reason i wont try crack man is because i would do it once, and be like holy shit this is fuckin awsome! And id wanna do it from then on man
  6. Ain't that the truth.

  7. I just saw the video of the dude in your avatar, it was funneh :smoking:

  8. "This is bling blings crack piiipe"

  9. "Inintuhnationaaaal badboys n all de ho's... IIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Intuhnationaaaal badboys na all de ho's... IIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiii"

  10. ick... crack. I'd like to give the stuff a try while tripping on some acid or something. I love doing coke that way because then i don't feen like a beast.
  11. haha man i've had the bumfights trilogy for years! BFK FOR LIFE!
  12. I wouldnt mind doing crack....take some pictures. i'm intrigued.
  13. and p.s.

    please don't smoke crack
  14. i know what you mean, i used to be like man i dont know about this...but then this shit would be so fuckin pure man, this freebase had to be put on top of tobacco to keep it from dripping down the pipe. and then i would feel realllll nice. i could go and smoke blunts of headies after that, my lungs would be fucking numb. shit those were the days.
  15. ahhh god damn i'm fuckin fiendin haha, all i bought was a 10 rock to, and i got an 8ball of blow but i dont like caine that much thats for others to enjoy, i wish i had some xanax, i smoked a lil bud but it wasnt really enough to get high...... fuck fiendin
  16. Neg, you should take a buncha acid and go on a hike in the desert.
  17. fuck crack,cocaine,heroine,meth,that shit is death....its weed and shrooms that the world needs to heal itself and keep the good vibes flowing.~anything that gives you that vision quest to the path of enlightenment is good~

  18. So someone wants death instead of elightenment, to each his own man.
  19. like they say.... dont knock it till youve tried it...

    personally, i most likely will never do it, but then again... i know nothing about it at all... im currious too... post some pics if you dont mind.

  20. LINK

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