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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stigze, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Hi my plants have been flowing for about 8 weeks now and they are still just the hair, thing is they only get 8 hours sunlight is that why they are only hairs thinking of just chucking all my plants away, any advice?

    Forgot to ask what are them little sticky leaves all about are they any good?

  2. your light schedule should have been 12/12, can you post a pic of the plants?........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Hi Sid i've just taken 3 quick fotos its dark here now though, is it worth making hash out of the leaves if so can u message me and explain me how u do it.


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  5. why do they only get 8 hours of light a day, they look like they aren't receiving enough light, but more importantly now, what colour are the pistols?......if they are still mainly white, then get them under a good light on a 12/12 schedule, and try and increase the yield..........but it maybe too late by now, and yes you can make hash, try UNOIT's guide called "how i make hash".........has pics and everything..........Peace out...............Sid
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  7. Because it gets dark early now not giving them enough light hours i kinda expected it not to work but i can try again when ya meant to start growing,,,,,when are u meant to start and outside grow by the way, i think its to late for them now i got thousands of leaves hopefully the hash is any good.
  8. could be a herm.... one of mine went hermie over the summer.... not a good yield at all... but some tasty bud
  9. where in the uk you growing im in southport, in the north west my plant went abit like this but the buds are very strong :D but that could just be the strain. my plant is on my windowsill and its still growing just harvest the buds that have changed coulor about 75% near the top should be most ready and some more should grow. thats what i did.
  10. In East Midlands i've tried to make hash didn't work out?

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