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  1. Can Any of yah give me your drying methods , thanks
  2. I'm New to growing and i got a good plant of Kryp and i need to know some good methods of drying.
  3. Quoted from "Grandpa's Grow Guide"


    ...take the whole plant + pot and start removing the big fan leafs. When you are ready with that, take a pair of scissors and cut away all the other leafs so that in the end you only have stem, side branches and…buds! Save the leafs and dry them separately. Probably you can make some hash out of it.
    Cut the stem right above the soil and hang it upside down in a dark and well ventilated place for at least a week. Don't apply any additional heat or fans; that will cost you weight, taste and quality. After a week you can clip the buds from the stems and give them about another week to dry thoroughly. Advised humidity: >50% - < 70% / temperature: >16 - < 21 degrees Celsius
    The buds are ready to smoke if they make a snapping sound when you bend them. Dry times can fluctuate with the seasons or the climate where you live. If you live in the desert, your buds will be dry sooner as if you live in swamps of Louisiana.

    Although the buds are ready to smoke, you can increase smell, taste and smoothness by curing. Glass, airtight jars are excellent for this purpose. Just store them at a cool and dark place and open the lid occasionally to give the buds some air. Be careful not to store buds in this manner which aren't completely dry because of the danger of mould!
    For long time storage I can recommend to seal the weed in vacuum bags and put them in the freezer.


  4. Thanks man
  5. no problem, just happy to help a fellow grower out.

    My cost for this is a nice few bowls of the results ;)

  6. hmm where you live?

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