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  1. So my plants is 20 days old.
    I feed the each one today with 500 ml clean water, 6.9 Ph.
    Next feeding is about to 2-3 days later depends on how hot is weather and how dry is soil.
    In the next feeding I'm going to start using a fertz on them as you can see on the pic.
    Which ones should I start with?
    With how much?

    Thank you...

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  2. Well bio thrive and and bio bud are for flowering so I'd suggest 1/4 doses of the G.O root and G.O thrive , then work your way up to full doses .

    Also , i do a water , feed , water , feed ...

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  3. Thanks!
  4. So today, I started nutritiens with go root and thrive, 1 ml per one 500 ml clean water with 6.9-7.3 pH.
    Öne of them seems start the preflower when another feeding comes, should I start feed that one with bio's? Or just wait the g.o's till I'm going to full dose on them?
    Any suggestion?

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