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  1. Hello,
    I'm new to grasscity and new to growing (this is my first time growing)
    I posted on another forum and didn't get much of a response, so I'll quickly narrate what they think.
    I posted there on Monday (the 30th of March) about yellowing in one of my plants. He said it was over-watering. So I didn't water for 5 days, she either looks the same or a tad worse. Humidity is around 30% - temps are in the high 70s to low 80s
    It's the Northern Lights Auto Strain


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  2. Those last two pics look fine, is that a different date in which the picture was taken?
  3. Needs fertilizer..half dose. Make sure soil is slightly moist when you feed. Never want to fertilize a bone dry soil because risk burning it.
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    Sorry about that - Yes those last two pics are 5 days prior than the others. 
    The others are 5 days of no watering (except the small ones - those are doing fine) The big northern lights are in Coco Coir - while everything else is in Fox Farm.
  5. looks fine, they need water and mild nutes though.

    A few easy general rules about watering.

    1. You should get 10% run off EVERY time you water. This helps prevent salt buildup or nute lockouts.

    2. Right after you water next, pick the plant/pot up. Feel how heavy it is. Then once you start getting an idea of how heavy a freshly watered plant weigh's you will be able to simply pick up the pot to determine how thirsty your girls are.

    This is useful for people that water by hand as not all your girls will drink the same amount of water and this will train you to easy tell who wants what and how often.

    3. And the most obvious trick. Stick your finger into the soil. Is it moist 2-3" down? Water as needed.
  6. Thank you Faux!

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