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Little help with edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Joachim Murat, May 12, 2011.

  1. I'm going to try a brownie mix.

    I bought one of these "mini muffin" foil trays for baking, well, mini muffins.

    My intent is to have a tray of "single dosage" brownies.

    My idea is to actually have a very precise measurement of extra spice (if you will) that I will add
    separately to each little compartment in the tray. (this as opposed to just mixing up a giant
    batch and then adding to the tray.

    Let me explain the "very precise" requirement.

    I have consumed edibles twice in my life. The first time, I swore I'd never do it again because
    I unknowingly consumed WAY too much. Knocked me out for a full day.

    Second time was just the other day, and I felt better about not getting too much because it
    was just a tiny little brownie prepared as I describe above. This time was better, but I still
    did feel more "hung over" than I wanted.

    Remember, my experience for a LONG time now, has been to get what I need in a sitting from
    ONE small hit, a smoked amount equal to what fits in the "Dug Out" type faux cigaretts. Ya dig?

    So, it you think it's doable to :

    1. Add the non-enhanced mix to each separate compartment in the mini muffin tray.

    2. Enhance each compartment with a pre-portioned duty**

    3. Bake

    The other very important question is ..... how much? This is difficult, I know. Personal preference,
    experience, physiology I guess will all factor in.

    The right answer is to experiement with different amounts, I'm sure, but if you could suggest
    a baseline to get me started, that would be great. (.25g, .5g, 1g? ...... 1g sounds like alot here
    with the consistency that I'm figuring on using, and that is a fine almost powder that is the result
    of running it through a strainer. The same thing I put in the Dug Out.)

    Is this doable ya think?
  2. Isn't anybody going to help that poor man?
  3. Ok, there is a few things here.

    For one, we need to know is this good shit or mids or bad herb.

    For mids, I'd do .5-.6 if you want effects that aren't too heavy, but still effective.
    For schwag, I'd do .7-.8
    For heds, I'd do .3-.4

    Weigh your herb before making anything.

    Now, making the brownie mix will work that way, but not nearly as effective as you may hope. This is because this is the most uneffective way to make them. It's best to make butter or oil first, and it's a lot more efficient. My advise, make a larger batch of butter/oil first, then make a batch of brownies and store them for consumption. If you are afraid they will be too strong, eat half of one first, wait an hour and then eat the other half.

    Also, you need more herb for edibles than you need for smoking, so they are nonequivalent.
  4. Hey thanks.

    I'm a noob to the nomenclature here, so I can only make a educated guess what "mids" "schwag"
    and "heds" are.

    And even if I knew what it meant, I would honestly have no idea what kind of herb I have.

    I've heard about this newfangled Google thing, so I can try that too.

    Making the butter / oil is way over my head too ........ I have no idea what you are referring to, so
    a little more research on the forum here is required.

    But you have given me some good info and a base to work with. I appreciate it.
  5. I'll try to lay this out for you.

    For one, take a picture of your herb with the best quality camera you have and upload it here so I can see how good/bad it is.

    Mids = middle quality herb. Better than schwag [which is dirt weed, poor quality] but not as good as heds [good weed/upper quality].

    Now as for the butter/oil, there are a few ways to make them. The easier/most foolproof way is with a Crockpot/Slowcooker. Do you have one/have access to one? They are like $7 at walmart, but are invaluable if you plan on making edibles a lot.

  6. I'll get to the pic if I can, but I think it's dependable to guess that it's mids. I'm sure it wouldn't
    be classifed as dirt weed, and I know the good stuff when I see it. (again, it's clear something
    like this is not an exact science, so a little experimentation is in order).

    I do have a slowcooker, and I'm damn sure I can figure out how to plug it in.

    Now, once this butter / oil is made, am I using this in the preparation of the brownies, or
    are you talking about something different?
  7. You would use the butter/oil in the brownies. Im talking of course, of making them homemade. They would not only taste better, but would be done correctly and would prove to work.

    But for making the butter/oil, add 2-3 cups of water, and use the formula 8th mids per stick of butter or 6 fl oz oil [4 full shot glasses of oil] to your slow cooker. (Note, if your making oil, you don't need water, the water is more for making butter.

    Turn the heat to Low, and let it sit for 12-24 hours (I advise 24). The heat will gently extract the cannabinoids from the herb into the butter/oil. Once it is done, strain with a strainer and a cheesecloth [cheesecloth can be found at any grocery store like Acme, Shoprite, Pathmark, ect]. For cannabutter, there is another process you need to do after that, but its easy and we'll get to it when the time arises. This method will ensure they work, but won't be overly strong. Then, you can just google a brownie recipe

    Brownie Recipe

    And incorporate your 'special' butter/oil into the recipe. Depending on which you want to do [between butter and oil], you should google things like 'brownie recipe butter' or ' brownie recipe oil'
  8. #8 Joachim Murat, May 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2011

    I think I see.

    You are making the oil OR the butter that would be used in place of the traditional oil
    or butter that would be used in the homemade brownie mix, correct?

    If I want to use a brownie recipe that uses oil:

    You said " ....... and use the formula 8th mids per stick of butter or 6 fl oz oil [4 full shot glasses of oil] to your slow cooker. (Note, if your making oil, you don't need water, the water is more for making butter".

    "8th mids" ........ is that 1/8 oz?

    Then I would take 1/8 oz per 6 fl oz of oil (no water) and heat for 24 hrs. on low. (note edit below)

    Strain, then viola, I have enhanced OIL to use in the recipe?

    OR if I want to use a brownie recipe that uses butter:

    Then I would take 1/8 oz per stick of butter and 2-3 cups water, and heat for 24 hrs. on low.

    Strain, then viola, I have enhanced BUTTER to use in the recipe? (the water burns off I guess?)

    Cannabutter is different and not addressed here yet, correct?

    Have I lost you completely or is that it?

    (The kitchen is a little foreign to me. Frankly, I have become a little afraid) ;)

    Edited: I was thinking ...... the crock pot set on low only gets to about 170 deg? The THC is
    extracted by the oil, and not by the temperature then? Is there any further extraction when
    the brownies are cooked? Or do I misunderstand this?
  9. You got it all pretty much right. For one, when I say 8th, I do mean 1/8oz or 3.5g. This is where a little bit of math comes in handy as well. If you do 3.5g mids, and end with 12 brownies, 3.5/12 means roughly 0.3g each brownie. For moderate effects you typically want about 0.5g+ mids in a serving. Strong effects are typically met at the .7-1g+ mark. 0.3 will have you feeling sweet, relaxed, and lightly high and is best when you also plan on smoking a bit as well. .5+ is when you don't need/want to smoke and plan on tripping solely off the edibles.

    The oil part you've got completely down.

    For the butter tho, after it is strained, you will still have some water left over. What you do is, refridgerate it for a few hours so that the butter solidifies to the top, and the water stays liquid at the bottom. Once they separate, run a sharp knife around the edges of the container, and physically separate the butter disc from the merky water underneath. NOW your cannabutter is done and ready for use.

    And yes, all the cannabinoinds are extracted into the oil/butter during the crockpot process. It only goes to 170, but at that temp for long durations [like 12-24 hours] it gently removes just about all the cannabinoids; without being too hot and vaporizing/destroying the product. This is why I prefer the slow cooker method because it gets the job done, need no management [stir may 2-3 times throughout the process, I typically stir once before bed, and once 4 hours after waking up the next day], but it is SUPER EFFECTIVE.

  10. My training is complete. :cool:

    I feel ready to attack the process of administering the tetra hydro cannonball
    with this method.

    I thank you for your knowledge, your help and your infinite patience.

    It may take a bit, but I'll bump this back to the top to let you know how
    I fared.

    Thanks man.
  11. #11 Joachim Murat, May 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2011
    Thoughts, observations and the inevitable questions as I labor through the process.

    Mid way, I guess, in my project.

    Yesterday at 3:00 I put 3.5g of spice into 6 oz. of vegetable oil in the slow cooker and it's been on low
    ever since. I ran the spice through a strainer and it had a almost powdery consistency.

    I wondered if straining it this way, instead of just dropping it in the oil, will make my oil much more potent? Common sense dictates it would. If you just drop it in without straining it, you have a good part of your 3.5g that is stems and such.

    (anyone worried about the smell, it's strong but frankly it just smells like oil more than anything)

    First, man I hope I didn't mess up ....... vegetable oil is OK? When I went to the store, I started to
    get worried being faced with so many choices (vegetable, peanut, canola, motor etc).

    Also, 3.5g is ALOT!

    Just to give you an idea, before I put it in the cooker I noted that amount stuffed into my dugout and with my normal consumption, would last me MONTHS. Sure, I guess it means I don't consume very much in the normal course of things, but that still is alot of stuff.

    So, later today I finish the process and will end up with (12) 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 special brownies.

    Honestly, with my less than enjoyable prior history and concern over potency, my plan is to
    first consume 1/4 of one of these. Maybe less.

    I might waste a little, but it will be the smart way to gauge how much I will be able to consume
    and have it be enjoyable.

    One final question: How long will these keep in the freezer?


    In my surfing research, I found this comment:

    Step 4: Make sure the flame is not too high! If the weed is picking up a very distinct brown color the flame is too high! The weed will obtain a brownish tint; however, too brown is no good, it must still be recognizable as a green plant at all times.

    Now, this is with someone who's method was to put in a pan on the stove.

    My spice is definately very brown. Dark brown.

    Even on low, did I get it too hot?

    How would this affect the extraction?
  12. Update: the (12) little brown squares are on the cooling rack as we speak.

    The apprehension is intense .............
  13. Sorry I couldnt address your prior questions, yesterday I was out of town.

    You shouldnt have to worry about a loss of potency, it gets hot enough to extract the cannabinoids but not enough to destroy them. Also, any vegetable oil works!

    Give a status report when you are back

  14. Status report pending, my good man.

    Everything worked out pretty good, I think.

    I put 6 oz of oil (3/4 cup) in the pot with the 3.5g.

    With waste and whatnot I ended up with EXACTLY a 1/2 cup of oil. Guess what the recipe called for. :D

    So I'm good to go. I ended up with (12) 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 brownies and a little left over so I made 5 or 6 of the little mini brownies I intended to make originally.

    Nothing ingested yet ..... busy work day tomorrow.

    So what do you think? Can I throw these in the freezer? Will they keep for a long time?

    Thanks again.
  15. I'd just throw them in a storage bag for now, they will keep a while. I would preserve the freshness for as long as possible before throwing them in the freezer. Perhaps if you still have any left after a week, throw em in the fridge. The effect will never be lost, just the quality of the brownies will.
  16. UPDATE:

    Well, back to the top with not the greatest news. I think I messed it up somewhere.

    Fumar, or anyone, any input is appreciated.

    I prepared everything as above. Let them sit in the fridge since then (about a week).

    Ate two of the brownies and ........ nothing (well, maybe a sugar buzz ...... I rarely eat anything with
    so much sugar).

    So, where did I go wrong?

    Not enough weed in the oil? Some problem with the way I prepared the oil?

    Or was the mix just on the light side and I would need to consume more?

    One thing for sure is different from the thing that got me thinking about brownies in the first place (I went back through all my posts and I realized I never mentioned it).

    A friend gave me two tiny little brownies (like the mini muffin type I mentioned in the OP). This was
    like a single bite.

    I remember they had a strong taste that wasn't brownie. You could taste the weed for sure, pretty

    An hour later, I was quite high and it kept up very nicely for a few hours.

    When I ate mine, I tasted nothing but brownie.

    Obviously, you might suspect my weed wasn't very good. But I have no reason to think it's anything
    but average stuff.

    Is that it, I wonder? Is it just too lean to be effective?

    Or again, could I have screwed it up somewhere?

    Help me Obi Wan ......

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