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  1. so this is just a few days old and the leaves seem to be curling way too much, was wondering if you guys had a solution? its pretty much a constant 78-80 degrees. and right now ive got a 26w cfl on right on it like 2 inches away from the plant. if you need to know anything else just let me know. its showing new growth so i guess thats good.


  2. what kind of cfls do you have? whats the out put?
  3. i know its the daylight light spectrum cfl and it says 26w on it ive just got one on it right now but i had 2 but turned one off.
  4. There's nothing to worry about there. It's still very young. It's green, standing up straight, and not burned or stretched. Looks fine, I wouldn't worry about curled cotyledons.

    Are you overwatering? How close is the light?
  5. i dont think ive got enough perlite in the soil cuz i havent watered in a day or two days and its still damp when i put my finger in the soil up to my first knuckle. i had it about an inch away but ive moved it up a bit to prolly two inches
  6. It's way too tiny to drink all that! Give it time. That's a good distance. Not too close, not too far. I don't think anything is wrong here.
  7. What they said.:D^
    I wouldn't mess with the soil in regards to puting perlite in, those roots are very delicate & easily damaged. Adjust your watering schedule.
  8. cool thanks for the help !

  9. Judging by your pic, you have more than enough. Since the plant is young, it has very small roots so it will not use much water itself, you'd probably lose more to the air depending on the density of your soil.
  10. its only been a couple days but, hows it look :


  11. looks like it's growing, two leaves pointing towards the light
  12. patience young grasshopper. lol it looks like its supposed to! give her sum time. shes from seed so u cnt expect fast results!

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