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little help here?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blowinthatgangi, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Ive been smoking for about 2 yrs now...well the other day my dealer sells me 1/8th...20 bucks...i get home and look at the stuff...i couldnt make out many hairs in it...but it was SOO sticky...i packed a bowl and couldnt move at all, so...i was just wondering...any suggestions as to what kinda bud that was? cuz it looked VERY schwaggy, but ive never seen sticky schwag
  2. coulda been grown outdoors. usually outdoor bud doesn't have hairs...or is that crystals? anyhoo, it coulda looked like schwag but there is some damn good outdoor bud out there.
  3. Wasn't this posted before, like the exact text? Wow I thought I had replied to this before. Freaky shit!
  4. this looks like the type of buds i'd find where it doesnt look good, but still is moist, not too much though. i remember taking some from my pops years back so i reffer to it now as classic flame only cause it still hits the spot. also, the stuff could be a different strain from the regular stuff you smoke and your tolerance will be less on somethin more new to you.
  5. that sounds exactly like the bud i had my first time. The price was cheap, it didn't look that great, but it was the stickiest stuff i had ever seen and it knocked me off my ass. I haven't had a high like that since.
  6. ^yeah, thats happend to almost everyone i believe. the 3rd bowl i ever smoked was this schwaggy yellow (COVERED in yellow hairs), one hit and i was done. $15 for two grams, so it was a really good deal for round here, thats why i bought it innitially. never seen that weed again but i bet it'd still kill me, cause the first bud i ever smoked was (the first two bowls i mean)...white widow i believe, can't quite remember, cause i was REAAALLY messed up. anyhoo, this stuff got me higher than the white widow did, muuuch.

  7. It's quite possible some of the strains mentioned here (unnamed for the most part) could be either, as suggested before, grown outdoors or Thai and/or Jamacian. Thai 'Stick' Cannabis as well as Jamacian 'Brick' Cannabis would look very much like you're describing. If that's the case - Congrats! If not, and the THC content appears to be too small, I'd suggest finding another 'dealer'.
  8. man ive gotten stuff like that before it looked like total crap but after just 2 hits off my bong i was like retarded. i couldnt move or think or anythin i figure it was sprayed with somethin
  9. Looks can be deceiving. That is something we should all know by now.
  10. I call it sticky icky

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