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Discussion in 'General' started by mtaylor0090, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Start off with names mike and I'm new here :) smoked a few times several years ago then stopped as I Progressed through high school. SO I met my current girl almost 2 years ago. She smoked and I started to smoke again also. We would basically start smoking late at night then chill and go to sleep. Then more recently within last 8 months we would light up in the morning. Maybe 1-2 more times during day and 1-2 more at night. I was never a fan of day smoking unless I had nothing to do. Well not to give my life story but in the last 8 months my family has fallen apart. I at one time had a really close knit family. Also turned out my friends arnt the greatest people ever either. There are things I blame on myself for this. They are my fault and I do take credit. All in all I am depressed now. I'm seeing a therapist and Its helping but I just want to get Past this.

    Read an articlE about weed helping upset stomach. Then I noticed side effects being depression. Could the smoking be making me worse? Smoked last night on a day I seemed pretty happy. And it knocked me out. Put me down didn't want to speak and I just layed in bed. I am not that kinda kid I love to go out and see people and chill. Past several times I smoked I noticed this. :(. I now have all these pieces and I love to smoke and have a passion for the plant I enjoy the socialization of it. Should I slow down? Stick to nights? What are your opinions on it?
  2. Honestly, I'm not really qualified or knowledgeable enough in all aspects of what you're dealing with but, have you tried sativa or indica? The highs they give are rather different from each other ... Try reading up some more on em ... And wait for other GCers to come in and give you more solid advice :)
  3. If you are worried it's affecting you slow down or stop for a while. If things seem to get better then you know you were probably smoking too much and it was affecting your mood. If it doesn't get better then maybe it's just you and your current state of mind.
  4. As for sativa and indica. I've tried both. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to just go to a place an say I want this. But... I've had both. The sativa is the favorite only problem how hard it is to come by. Or at least I can't find it out here In jersey often. As for it helping last time I had it I was better than I am now. So I can't judge. I'll lay low for a while or just toke at night b4 bed. Thank you again guys

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