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  1. So my poor little plant wont stand up right. I have it tight to a stick to stay up but as soon as I untie it it falls over. I installed a fan to try to give some natural effect but it just knocks it over and it stays down. Any ideas of how to give it some stem strength?
  2. its probably going to die if it's laying over already
  3. is it a seedling? how old is it? is it looking healthy still?

    leave it tied to the stick for several days & let the fan give it a GENTLE BREEZE & will toughen the stem right up. do not keep taking the tie off too see if its holding as letting it fall over all the time will kill it.
    make sure you dont have it tied tightly to the stem ,just enough to keep it upright.

    should do the trick:) could also put a little extra soil on top which will help secure it with the stick.

    is it a seedling mate?
  4. No its already a 5 inches tall and everyday I notice the leaves getting much bigger. It already has 6 branches and new branches are starting to come off. Its healthy and all that good junk its just that the stem is so slender it just falls right over if I turn the fan on, mist it with a spray bottle, or take it off the stick for too long. The first 3.5 inches is all skinny stem before the 2 small leaves I am thinking about just putting most of the stem under soil and see if that helps, what do you guys think?
  5. good then its still alive:) more soil on top ,yes that'll help but keep the fan gently blowing on it plus if your using cfls put them right on top of the plant(about 1-2 inches above) or if using hps lights get it as close as possible to the top, use your hand ,palm down on top of your plant for 10-15 seconds & if too hot for your hand then too hot for the plant,adjust to suit.
    point of this is keeping it sqautty & strenthen it up.

    im guessing you've stretched it a little hence the weak stem, so do as i said plus put more soil on top & see how it goes.

    ps; keep it staked up until it hopefully stays up by itself, it should quite quickly.

    all the best bud:smoke:

    you got a pic mate?

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