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little flowers

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by everblazing, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Did anyone here ever try flowering after 2 weeks of growth? I know I will get less weed from the plant, but will this effect potency? My plants are about 8 inches now, and I was wondering if I should flower them.
  2. its not recomended but it is your plant and u can do what u want to it but I'mma say u should probably give it another 2 weeks

    Edit: 8 inches ?>??? wtf i thought u said it was 2 weeks... i need a pic :D
  3. Clones or Seedlings?
  4. yeah we had a guy on here who liked to flower like at 20 days or so. he really was into his perpetual harvesting. unfortunately, he got banned and all his post are deleted. he was bobsbeard. kid loved to defy nature :D
  5. yea what happened to bob?

    i didnt think he was a bad seed
  6. yeah 2 weeks is enough time, for some strains that streach a lot and/or take a long time to flower its recomended so that they dont outgrow an indoor garden.

  7. i liked him, he had a good outlook and i thought he had a good feel for the plant, he learned quick anyway and i think hes gonna go far.

    to have deleted his posts seems a waste and rather childish, some of his ideas and coments were interesting to say the least.

  8. BOBS GONE :eek: when the hell did this happen ???? he was cool ass and he always made with the tasty grow pics... auh, he will be missed :D
  9. They are clones and really shot up fast. The plants that came from seeds are only about 2 inches shorter, but they are growing like mad too. Time to flower!!!
    Sux about bob
  10. Ok so I planted another 200 clones last night, this time I squeezed out the rockwool so hopefully that does the trick.

    With the other there anything I can do??? Do you think can re cut then a bit smaller????

  11. ehh? are you in the right thread m8?
  12. everblazing, you can flower clones once they take root. One grower ZBQ on og flowers once they root. He ends up with nice bud plants about 1' tall and 3" wide. He does a large scale organic soil SOG and gets .5-.8 g/w depending on genetics.
  13. I have no advice to give you, you can do what you want with it but can you post some pics =)
  14. Thanks grOwer, I will wait a few more days and I will begin flowering. The plants are a little over a foot now, so I hope they wont get too tall because I only have 34 inches of available space. I'm planning a mad outdoor grow this summer, I'll keep you guys posted.

  15. Flower them now. If you only have 36 inches. If they are already over a foot tall, they will probably be more then 3 feet by the time they are done.

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