little egg trhings in peoples' signatures...

Discussion in 'General' started by Frosty_Cola, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. i see several of you blades have those little eggs in your signature that say they're supposed to hatch on april 5, 2006. well, that's today and i haven't seen one hatch yet. im just curious i when will i see the baby avacados?!
  2. the eggs will hatch when i see those avacados hatch out of your avatars bra
  3. This does not belong in recreational marijuana use, c'mon.
  4. roflmao
  5. Wtf is this about?
  6. a few people have these little eggs for a signature, and have been there for about a month now......said they would hatch on april 5th......i have had to stare at those things for a while now, they damn well better hatch
  7. hehehe
    hes just curious as all
  8. haha i saw them all the time but i cant find them now
  9. Lol maybe they will hatch at midnight or something
  10. Who knows what will be revealed, maybe its a dinosaur.
  11. ^It say what it will be on the website somewhere. Just click the egg
  12. Maby it will hatch and say "You just got played. Just waited for (howeverlong) for nothing!"

  13. :D
  14. Yea wtf no hatchige.
  15. (from the site)
    Each month we will release five eggs that will hatch on the first day of the following month. Each egg holds a different kind of critter, but the critter won't be revealed until hatching day! Choose your egg below and paste the code onto your webpage. You may adopt one egg or all five! All eggs hatch on the first of each month and new eggs will also be released on the first of each month. After your egg hatches, you may keep the critter on your homepage to show off to your guests :D You may even adopt more eggs as they are released! Please do not direct link to these eggs. Instead, use the code provided ;)

    so...basically...wat the fuck...there supposed to hatch on the first of the why the fuck do that say hatch on april 5th......clearly, these eggs were created by stoners.
  16. wtf what if once you upload it its a virus, and it says it will hatch on a certain date so you let it sit and dont delete it.
  17. Well, they hatched little animals. I was expecting them to hatch a virus.

    That would be one comical hacker.

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