Little Clear Worm? Please Help

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  1. So My babys are a month maybe a couple of weeks old, and I am overall saitisfied with the growth on two of them. Ive been having a blast experimenting with topping and fimming and LST'ing. My third plant is developing slower because some of the leaves of the bigger ones block its light. My box is too small, but i am up-sizing shortly. My problem, though, is that some of the leave on onew of my bigger plants have been having relatively small brownish yellow spots, and seem to have small tears on some places. Last night, I spotted this little (and i mean FUCKIN SMALL) clear worm crawling around a spot that it appeared to have been nibbling on. Theres NO other worms. I gave it a thourough check up.
    Theres a difference between the spots I've notived over the past few days, and the spot where i noticed the worm. :confused: 
      Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. And if you could share a good recipe for a natural insect repelent that i could make, please do. (things I can make with basic home spices and such [like ive heard of garlic being a great repelent, as well as tobacco juice])

    thank you.

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    Neem oil and a sprayer kills about anything.
    I mix about 2 lids per gallon and spray the underside of each leaf.
    Hard to say what you got without pic's.
    Buy it all at lowes for less that 25 bucks
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    I have heared great things about neem oil; I've decided, however, to make a reputably good recipe with 2 tsp of garlic powder, a tsp of dish soap, and half a cups worth of tobocco gutsl i have it marinating as we speak in a quart(4 cups) of water. ill strain it tomorrow and try givin it a thourough spray. theres really no SERIOUS issues, so Im hoping this remedy will at least repel the little bastards off

    Ive also heard of mencing an onion to through in the brew. apparently spder mites hate onions and garlick. the lieele bit or soqo====
  4. what could this little worm/caterpillar looking guy be? are they hard to get rid of if they were to become a serioud issue
  5. post a pic of it
  6. all i have for a camera is an iphone, and im not posting from one of those

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