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Little Chemistry Green Dragon Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PizzaBagels, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I will introduce myself later but for now i need some is the situation.

    Im making some 151 green dragon. I put about 1/4trim and about a gram so far into about 9 shots. While I was putting the gram in, I accidently added a small broken peg out of a brown colored cheap plastic grinder. I cant see it, or fish it out. I do not think it floats.

    Here is the question. Will anything leach out of a little plastic peg into the water or alcohol that will off me or hurt me? The green dragon was started yesterday so it has not really begun to soak. I dont want to have to filter the whole thing early for that stupid peg. I could not find anything about plastics solubility in alcohol with online searches so I am hoping its not a big deal. I am faded and tripping on it a little.

    Im a long time reader but first time poster, this seems like the place for my dumb question but if it belongs somewhere else, I appologize. Thank you to anyone with advice or answers.
  2. im pretty sure your okay

    ive had 151 in a plastic cup at partys cause i love the shit
  3. haha thanks for the quick reply, thats a really good point
  4. Lots of cheap liquor is sold in plastic bottles, so I think you're golden.
  5. most plastics are made with polymers that decrease their non-polar solubility. This simply means that alcohol (being a relatively weak non-polar solvent) will not break down the plastic in the time that it takes to make your dragons.
  6. If you could eat it and be ok, its chemical makeup will not have changed after an alcohol soak.
  7. nice...

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