little buddy while tokin

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Drybananna, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I was just smoking outside when this little baby snake decided to chill with me. Haha, it was so cute when it stuck its tiny tongue out. So yeah, we got stoned together. Decided to share. Never named it . . .

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  2. There's this baby frog (at least I think it's a baby, maybe it's one of those kinds that never grow big... but it's really tiny) that sits with me on my balcony every night. His name is Phillip. He's a great listener.
  3. Cool snake! Sounds sick

    Whenever I'm smoking my lizard comes out to chill :)
  4. ohh shit thats a bad as lil snake the only time ive had this happen was a butter fly landed on my bowl i had just packed and started to suck on my bowl! i was just glad it wasent lit yet. :bongin:
  5. never had this happen, although that would be awesome.

    my cat shadow chills with me when i blaze, but never had any random animals come up.
  6. i was smokin by my grandparents lake the other night and these turtles came up out of the water, they were really chill haha
  7. Turtles and frogs are chill. I dont think they wouldnt be chill. OMG YOU IZ SMOKIN WEED IMA CALLIN THE LAW! They are animals they dont know what weed does. So yeah i could imagine them being chill.
  8. When people say that animal is chill.. Im quite sure they are talking about the lack of fear from the animals... My dog is scared of me when im stoned... But we like best buds when im sober...
  9. When I lived in up state NY and we would smoke in your garage this toad would come up and chill with us. I forget what we named him... Cool snake though, looks a lil like a corn snake...
  10. Had a bird come sit on a tree near me outside once. I was really high and thought he was trying to communicate with me while cheeping (is that what you call birds talking?).

    Other than that nothing, but yea it was cool.
  11. im all about gettin the animal buddies high
    but i hate snakes:eek:

  12. no talkin about gettin animal buddies high on GC. We're jus talkin about them chillin.

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