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  1. Ok so lately ive been havin some weird dreams about smoking. One of them was where i was at a party with a ton of bud, i dont even know how i got it haha but anyway...i was at the party with my little brother whos 14. I have no idea why hes there but he was. someone asked to look at my bud so i show him. with out realizing it, i pull it out and my little bro is standing right behind me and sees it. He doesnt know I smoke and i really dont want him to know. In my dream i quit smoking becuase i felt so bad that he knew, should i quit in real life? just so he doesnt find out? I like smoking, its a great time, but idk if i can handle him knowing.

    what do i do guess is what im asking..
  2. smoke with him, whats the age difference? ive been having some crazzy bug out dreams. and one i was gettin chased by the cops, and rudely awakened by loud knocking at my door, waking up thinking it was the cops. but it turned out to be some stupid hoe
  3. Why does it matter if he knows? Just ask him if he wants to. 14-15 are the ages kids usually get curious about weed.
  4. i got curious at 15 and started at 16.

    its better that he starts with you than possibly some idiot least you would know he is safe if he starts with you.
  5. just teach his ass dog. When i was younger i let my bro smoke with me and tought him about it. He was coo with it and im coo with him blazing esp since he was doing well back then and even better now. As long as hes not a snitch type lil bro, all on you though
  6. I got curious at 12, so I started getting eighths and me and buddy would smoke them to the dome and fuckin trip balls and laugh our asses off.. I love in cali, it was the dankity dank

  7. Hell yeah me too... $5 a day after school me and my cuddies would get a dub and go smoke. It all want downhill after that shit... Great times though. In the bay all i've ever smoked was dank. I've never seen shwagg untill I moved to the central valley heh.
  8. I still have never seen shwag..ha, i say it like it's a bad thing..

  9. its a sad sight indead. Like retarded weed.
  10. what part of the central valley are you from? I'm in Stockton at the moment... but I drive down to oakland to replenish my weed supply :D
  11. smoke with him.. my first time i smoked with my lil bro i was gettin ready to light up some haze and he's like "Gimme it" im like......are you serious hes like yea so i light it up and let him take the first coule of hits
  12. Make sure hes cool with it tho. Just ask him if hes ever smoked weed...If he says yes..smoke with him
  13. I say you ask him what his veiw on bud is, if he's cool/neutral then ask if he wants to try.....if he's against it dont even bother..... That's exactly what i did with my lil bro (he's 13) and i got him high at ozzfest, cause he normally wouldnt smoke, but he'll drink tea, and eat cake (all "special" recipes) and he loves it..... So even if he's against smoking, let him know eating/drinking it is much healthier and just as fun
  14. man i really want to smoke with my brother whos now 16. hes a little slow so he cant always think for himself. hes been told drugs were bad blah blah blah. so its gunna be very hard to work this out. but i know hed be a fucking hilarious person to smoke with since i always find him humorous while high.
  15. if you seriously dont want him to find out then dont tell him.. doesnt mean you have to quit. but for the dream thing , somtimes when i over think things they show up in my dreams not always how i think them but it always usually relates.
  16. your dream is a reflection of past memories. quitting is not always the answer. you could still smoke just limit yourself and try to do it on occaision and not daily.
  17. dude just smoke with your lil bro, that way if he does start, he will be safer and more likely to know the rules. if he doesn't like to smoke than just tell him you do it because you want to not because you want to "look" cool. he'll understand, he's 14.

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