Little bros been clean for 6 weeks

Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. He's 15 and he asked me to smoke him out tonite so Im like hellz yeahh little man me and him are about to get super faded once the rents fall asleep i got 3 grams of purple kush for us..SHOULD BE FUN!!:hello: :smoking:
  2. i wish i had a sibiling to blaze with, souds like your gonna have some fun. :smoking:
  3. damn man cant wait till my little bro starts to blaze
  4. I was plannin on a fat sess I packed him 5 snaps or so and he was fuckin elevated!!
  5. I was plannin on a fat sess I packed him 5 snaps or so and he was fuckin elevated!!hes trippin out on the windowns media player visuals with KMK haha its fucking funny to watch and im fadded too.
  6. Haha, I remember the first times my bro got me high.
  7. my bro doesn't smoke :(
  8. I never get to hang out with my bro, he lives too far.

    But when we do, we always blaze and go bar hopping.

    We're not particularily close, but we're blood :)
  9. Lebowski your sig is GOD!

    My brother was the one who got me started smoking/blowing.
  10. i know my bro smokes he is 24 and drinks like a fuckin horse,,damn alcoholic...but what can i say he is top salesmen at his car proud of him..fuckin stoner
  11. yea i get blown with my bro sometimes after our parents go to bed and we jus sit there for like an hour watch the discovery channel or history channel hahaha
  12. Ha sounds good.

    My brother stopped smoking. :(
  13. I don't think my bro smokes. We're polar opposites, so I don't even know if i'd smoke with him... maybe once for the experience. But, he just drinks I think. I don't drink at all, so when I turn 21 in oh about 9 months, fuck the bars, I'll be at the casino, blitzed and having fun.

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